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Cicada song Heralds the approach of fall — 7 Comments

    • Here is a shot from just south of Woodstock at the Jenne Farm. This was shot on 10 Oct and this is the normal date for that area (really 7-12 Oct) Your dates are ones that I plan on being on the Canadian border to the Whites and the NEK.

      Jenne Farm on 10 Oct 2014

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your wonderful and informative articles! They help to let us know what to expect on our trip and add to the anticipation of our visit. A friend and I have signed up for a fall color tour starting October 15 for a week. We tried to get an earlier time, but they were all full. I do hope there is still some lovely color when we are there! We are so looking forward to seeing New England! This will be my first visit. Speaking of cicadas, I lived in Michigan for 15 years and I remember well the cicadas every year from summer into fall. I loved hearing them! I’m back in my home state of California now—we might hear the occasional cicada out in the desert, but not the chorus that we used to hear in Michigan. I miss hearing them. And I love the beautiful “Barn Full of Fall Color” painting on your website this month!

  2. Jeff… we are arriving Boston 9/22 and want to drive for 13 days thru New England states and leave from Newark NJ on 10/5. I think we may be early for leaf color and am interested in where you think we should go. How far north will we have to plan for color change? I am thinking a loop up thru Maine, across NH and VT and down thru NY or western MA then to NYC for a couple of days. How can we maximize our leaf viewing and pix?

    Ray L

    • After looking through my crystal ball… on the 22nd through the 27th you will be up on the Canadian border. From Jay peak area over to Stark NH and north into the Northwoods and Dixville Notch and then over to Errol NH and into Maine and Greenfield Maine and north as needed… after the 27th the color will be developing in the White Mountains… NYC? Color doesn’t show there until November… But I bet you’ll have fun there… 🙂

  3. Just got back to Pa after spending 10 days at Acadia NP, came down through NH the rain was so heavy you literally couldn’t see the road so maybe that raised the water table a bit. We saw quite a few stressed maples in Acadia (yellow leaves). Anyway, we’ll be going up to the White Mts.the last week of September this year, we usually go the 1st week of October but we missed quite a bit of color in 2014.
    The cicadas song is so loud here (Pa) you can hardly hear yourself think!

    • I just recorder the cicadas singing outside my office and it was quite loud…
      Like I said some places are only an inch or so behind, which isn’t much… I still don’t think anyone is above as of yet. But that rain may have brought them up to average… 🙂 Thanks for the Acadia report…!

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