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My top 10 reasons to look for fall color — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks so much, Jeff, for making that call to the Chalet and for getting back to me so quickly…..we did decide not to go on the weekends anyway and the weather looks good for Sept 28, 29, and 30, plus we’re going to stick with those dates because we have to go to Hilton Head in October… mentioned driving over to the Appalachians, but which state and can you give me some towns to type in for the location?

  2. After reading your top 10 reasons to look for fall color, my husband and I are definitely going to jump in the car and do some leaf peeping….after checking weather and our calendar, we decided on Sept 28, 29, 30 as approximate dates of our little get-a-way,,,,where do you suggest for color and convenience not more than 4 hours away? where to stay? not looking for hiking or walking, just riding and looking….we are both on the elderly side, but adventuresome. Any suggestions? Have been online and ended up at Chalet of Canandaigua in and around Finger Lakes….what do you think as far as color??? Hoping you can help us!
    Miriam and George Wilson

    • Hi Miriam, I pulled up their location for the Chalet of Canandaigua and I was thinking closer to Columbus Day weekend. But since I don’t normally get out too far into New York (like ever) I called them up and they confirmed the between the 5 to the 22 is usually better.
      Now the bad news… All their Friday/Saturdays are gone. They have one room as of 4:58PM EST for Sun-Thursday 11-15 October. They also have a little room 5-8 October so you have two choices. If you have to have the 28-30th of Sept then you will want to drive over to the Appalachians.
      If you can drop back later to the 1st or 2nd week in Oct then you will either have to pick mid week or start calling around to other hotels and Inns.

      You can also hit my Thrifty Lodgings page ( where I have links to B&, Combined AND where put can in the town name and they will tell you based on your dates desired as to what is available.

      I’m sorry I can’t be more help.

  3. I cannot WAIT to get up to Vermont. We’re going up for Columbus Day week and plan on getting up early most days to catch the morning light. My favorite place and my favorite time of year.

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