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September forecast for fall foliage — 41 Comments

  1. Jeff, thanks for your wonderful guidance because it really helped this Californian plan the route and timing of this trip. I have just completed driving 1,900 miles through five states and I can assure you that you will find great color nearly everywhere. I started in Boston October 5 and then went through the White Mountains (Oct 6-8), the Adirondacks (Oct 9), the Green Mountains (Oct 10) and finally the Catskills yesterday (Oct 12). My favorites were the Kancamagus Highway, Route 73 in and out of Lake Placid, and the Franconia Notch up to Berlin drive along 113 and 2, but there weren’t many places that didn’t have some color and the leaves seemed to be staying on the trees fairly well. Even the Mass Turnpike is colorful! Thanks again, Jeff.

  2. Thanks so much! I’ll check out those areas on the map. Are there any must-see places around there?

  3. Hi Jeff,
    We left this morning from Burlington. Wanted to personally thank you for all the suggestions for making this a trip a grand success. NH was wonderful and the colors in white mountains and kanc were really strong. The rain yesterday gave the colors a really fresh look along Rt 125 from middlebury and then Rt 100 to Stowe .All the tips from various sites and leaf peepers were very useful.
    Thanks once again for all your help.

  4. Thank you for all your great information on your blog!
    I’m thinking of heading up to the NE the weekend of the 23rd of October. I’m flexible as to whether I’ll be around the CT area or the MA area. (can fly into NYC or Boston) Can even drive into closeby NY. Do you think that it’ll be too late to see some good colors? If so, which areas do you recommend since I’ll miss a lot of the colors further north? I appreciate any advice!

    • I think CT will still have some or good colors and if not you could head down to the hudson area of NY (north of NYC and find color and farms and your hearts desire.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for all the updates on your Facebook. We were in Lake Placid on 1st&2nd October. It was close to peak and got to see some lovely foliage.
    3rd and 4th-we saw some nice colours in Wolcot via Rt 15
    -colebrooke( beaver falls),way to dixiville,errol to berlin (andrescoggin river), island pond.
    Today we took Rt 91 and the colors were quite strong along Lyndonville,St Johnsbury and Peacham.
    Managed to get good shots of Stark covered bridge and church and Peacham church with the barn.

    We move to Jackson for 2 nights tomorrow to see white mountains and Kancamagus Highway.

    Any updates from Woodstock.



  6. Hi Jeff,
    I was planning a Stowe visit from October 10-12th, what do you think for the report up that way heading in from Boston?

    • I think even Stowe is slow to get fully turned but if it like Peacham and the NEK then you will see some nice color, just now as much as usual for this time of year. Let me know what you see.. I need a report from that area… 🙂

  7. Jeff, planning to come to vermont this weekend oct 2-4, because of the current delay, planning to come to canaan in vermont or lyndonville, do you think we could catch some fall colors. What would be the best mountain or route to do this.

    • That’s real simple Route 3, that is the only way up (or 102) and when you get there… If there is a town there, you let me know what you find… 🙂 I’ve never been there and I see according to Google maps a small town with a motel and town common and I would get into town and ask… Works for me… Same for Lyndonville. Also drop a report on what you find, I’d love to see some pictures

    • I wish I could say with assurance that there will be 100% but after this tropical storm this weekend only then we’ll have a better idea. If it heads west or east of New England then there is a good chance of nice colors but if it slams into us and does bad things, then I’ll have to see next week what are left with… Heavy winds and rain are the very last thing we want to see in October! We were doing good but behind last year but it all comes down to the weather…

  8. Hi Jeff: My wife and I are coming to Boston on October 7, possible day trip up into Maine, at Woodstock VT on October 10-11, with a possible drive north from there on the 11th before we have to head back south on the 12th. Do you think we will see any good fall colors and do you have any suggestions for us? Thanks so much!


    • Hi Len for routes in that area please visit and click the state you are interested in. Bring a good map book and help navigate around. This is really a fun time for a couple because one can drive while the other points out things on the map to visit. You have a National Park like St Gaudens and nearby is the Cornish Windsor covered bridge and just a short distance up in the hills are three more covered bridges… You also have the Jenne Farm in Reading. If you pick this up quick it will help with Vermont scenic locations…

      We are fighting Mother Nature this year so I can’t offer to much help in sunny locations…

  9. We are planning to go to the White Mountain area on Friday 10/2 to 10/4. Not sure whether the foliage color will be in decent amount around that time. Finger crossed.

  10. Hi, Jeff: Your photography makes me drool! I know we are taking a chance, but this is the time we can get away: Oct. 24 – 29 5 nights headquartered in Burlington, but prepared to drive around. Do you think we will be able to see any foliage? We understand that September is warmer than normal and possibly the foliage will be later than the norm? Keeping fongers crossed – we come from hot, dry California!

    • Burlington Massachusetts probably, Burlington Vermont maybe. You see When the rest of VT is past Burlington will still have some color because the water is still warming the air temp. What you should do is go up Route 2 which goes up the islands and comes out in Albury VT.

  11. Thank you for the suggestions. We actually drove up through Smuggler Notch today and saw some colors popping out. Beautiful drive. We will look into Rangeley lake too.

    • And Theresa, did you make a foliage report??? No you didn’t, did you… 🙂 Don’t worry I’ll make one for you unless you want to go to the Facebook page and make one there… Things like how much color did you see… I’ll call up there and check in with the State park rangers

    • Coming down from Stowe on 100 is cold hollow cider mill and Ben and Jerry’s factory (free tours) Emily’s covered bridge is near there at 100 Stowe Rd, Vermont, it’s supposed to be haunted…
      Up 100 to 58 and then west to Montgomery are 6 covered bridges to find, do you have your map book? you might need it. A couple are in downtown Montgomery but the others are not…
      Take a ride up to Jay Peak a gondola ride up might be nice viewing… These are the things that come to mind I hope it helps…

  12. Hi Jeff, we are visiting in Stowe, Vermont and are planning to take some day trips. One suggestion is go up rt 100. We were also considering driving into NH and maybe even Maine. Which routes would you suggest for best color this week. We leave area on Saturday the 26th.

    • Route 100 is fine and day trips but there are no fast ways to get to Maine so that will be several hours one way.. Your call. You could head up to Rangeley lake, we reviewed a lovely Inn (The Rangeley Inn and Tavern) there on the Four Corners of New England Blog where we stayed last September 28th.
      But I would try to drive less and explore the Stowe area especially if you haven’t been to this area before. go up 108 from Stowe which is Smuggler notch… that is a must do!

  13. Thank you Jeff! We will be following your blog for the next several weeks. We are headed to Vermont from Oct. 3 – 12 so we will be following you closely to see how the foliage looks like it will be!! Thanks so much for your hard work reporting! So Excited to visit!

  14. Hi Jeff! I am headed to parts of New England next month and we are trying to figure out some of the best roads/routes to travel as none of us have been there before. We’d love to see as much fall foliage as possible and we love small towns. Just wondering if you could give me some ideas or tips? Our itinerary is as follows:

    Boston, MA
    Plymouth, MA
    Newport, RI
    New Haven, CT
    Deerfield, VT
    Woodstock, VT
    Stowe, VT
    Portsmouth, NH
    York, ME
    Salem, MA
    Concord/Lexington, MA

    • Assuming you are flying in.. Boston will turn last but that said there is a little color downtown as I write this… Check my webcam on my website, link in the menu line.
      Plymouth again later.
      New Port even later (20 Oct-5 November)
      Stowe 1-10 Oct
      Deerfield and Woodstock 5-15 Oct
      Portsmouth NH mid Oct along with York and Salem… But Salem is a story unto itself… Every weekend is a party in October
      Concord and Lexington 13 Oct +/-

      Of course you should hit my search on the front page and (upper corner magnifying glass) where you can research what I have on these area usually with dates.

      • Looks like it’ll be hit/miss with us. We flying into Boston Oct. 4 and flying out Oct. 11. I’m assuming we’ll have better scenery if we stay off the main interstates? We also would love to see covered bridges. Especially since we don’t have anything like that here in Utah. 🙂 Thank you for providing such a wonderful, helpful website! And, your photos are fantastic!

  15. Hi Jeff, I am planning to visit one of the following places during October 10-13. I am thinking of Vermont, New Hampshire or Main. Do you have any suggestions which place would be better to see the fall colors at that time? I am visiting from Canada.
    Thank you

    • Any of those three states should be good from central to southern portions of each state plus you’ll be able to wander into Massachusetts from the Merrimack valley out to the Quabbin and Auburn MA. So places like Lexington and Concord, and Petersham and New Salem, and Old Sturbridge village… and oh so many more places… In Maine you’ll be out to the coast like Harpswell and Bruinswick down to Portland. In NH the Lakes region which is south of the White Mountains…
      I could go on but just go to my scenic locations by state (link on front page)

  16. Thanks for the updates Jeff. Have been following the other sites yankeefoliage,foliage network,Iloveny. Would you have any updates from Canada? Wish you all the best for your travels next week. Lets hope we get to see some good colours. In case i decide against going to lake placid on 30th sept for 2 nights which location would u suggest. I will reach Burlington on 30th noon.

    • Cold is slow to come to Ottawa but it’s coloring up nicely
      I would look at the Northeast Kingdom, Some B&Bs and motels should be available near St Johnsbury VT or east into North Woodstock NH. Either location will allow you to go to the four cardinal points of the compas to find fall colors and interesting things…

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