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Columbus Day Weekend ends glorious but is the foliage over? — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to finalize my plans this evening and would love to hear your comments about the northern white mountains’s colors, especially along the Kancamagus Highway, before I make my final plan. Also, is the Kittery area, and Kennebunkport area considered in the southern ME area that should be be “popping” with color this weekend?

    • I have a feeling the Kanc will still be good this weekend (I can’t believe I’m saying that) 🙂
      I heard that Stowe was very good today and Woodstock area and back into NH along Route 4 and 11 was excellent.
      I have a report that Bethlehem and down into Crawford Notch is still showing lots of grey color but be prepared for leaf loss due to winds. That is the battle we are fighting right now.

  2. Thank you for your reports! We drove from Louisiana to Vermont & just arrived last night. I depend on your reports a lot to help us determine where to hit first. We are here until the 26th, so keep ’em coming!
    Thanks again,


  3. Back from a week (Oct. 5 – 11) mainly in New Hampshire, some in Massachusetts. The best color we found was in the Franconia – Sugar Hill – Littleton – Bethlehem area of NH. Three nights at the Inn on Golden Pond in Holderness where the colors were just beginning to show around Squam Lake.

  4. Jeff, If you had to pick a few places where you think the foliage will be “FANTASTIC” this coming weekend, October 17-18, where would that be? I live in Lexington, just northwest of Boston, and can drive anywhere in NH, ME, VT or MA. My plan will be to drive there Saturday, stay overnight and drive some more Sunday, ultimately finding my way home. What would be your suggestion? Thanks so much!!

    • I’m in Salem so just a jump away.. central VT and NH and southern Maine should all be great. There are holes in the fall colors in the northern white mountains but that is where I’m heading tomorrow… Good Luck! Read my article in the morning for NH lakes region route and ideas… All shots are from Wednesday

  5. Hi Jeff ,
    Amazing coverage .. astonishing … and I really appreciate the tremendous hard work that you are putting into this.
    Now, I have promised my wife to take her to see the fall colors in VT this year ( we live in Edison, NJ ), and we are expecting our first baby in the last week of NOV, so I would need your immensely valuable input to decide on a VT foliage trip .. we are planning to go to VT this coming weekend… AM I TOO LATE to witness the fall in VT, are we past peak already ?
    If not please give me some outlines as to where all I can possibly go where we can witness some amazing colors..

    Much Much thanks in advance !!


    • From what I hear Groton Vt over to Stowe and south along the green mountains to the southern Vermont border is looking good. We’re getting rain on Saturday so bring your rain coat!. Plan on hot cider south of Stowe on Route 100 at cold hollow cider mill (can’t miss that and you could try Ben and Jerry’s tour… maybe the walking will trigger something and they will name a flavor of ice cream in honor of your early arrival… 🙂 (kidding) Sunday look sunnier or at least less rainy. There is a sleigh ride place that I named in the article and they are $39 ea. Could be very relaxing…

  6. Went West into the Berkshires. Along the Masspike Route 90 thru Westfield to Lee – there was a lot of color…Really Vibrant Yellows and Reds. As we drove to Great Barrington, Stockbridge and then up Route 7 to Pittsfield and then over to Route 9 and then thru Northampton and then to Deerfield, Sunderland and back down to Pioneer Valley – The colors were changing but were very dull and there was a LOT of Green. I think the next 2 weeks will be nice as it will be Peak then.

  7. Thanks for all the posts Jeff. Finishing up our trip and found some great foliage – but I am from the South so note this all new to me. We are staying in Wolfboro on the lake and while it is pretty we saw so many colors on the Kancamagus highway today – just amazing. Seemed to be a bit more muted near Lincoln but near Conway the colors were wonderful. The trees near the lake re still pretty green in comparison. Safe travels.

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