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Ding, Dong the foliage is dead, or is it? — 3 Comments

  1. Jeff, I was shooting at Ringwood Manor (Passaic Co., NNJ) this morning and it’s a mixture of just-past-peak and bare trees. Same with Harriman State Park, where I ended up after that. It’s a season with a beauty all its own, I find; I love shooting the thick carpet of leaves on the ground. Got some nice shots outside our office bldg. in Mahwah (Bergen Co., NNJ) this week; my boss, whose 6th fall this is with us, said it’s the first time he’s ever seen the foliage because it was so late this year; usually his visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair coincides with the peak foliage! I’ll be posting some of these images on FB.

  2. Even here in Maine,we have color! I have been taking senior photographs and the foliage is just such a nice addition to their portraits. We primarily have yellow and orange leaves left, not so many reds anymore.

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