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Foliage report 2-4 October — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for your reply! It’s incredibly helpful! I really appreciate it!! We leave in 2 days and I am getting very excited to explore the New England area for the first time with my sweetie!! We will let you know what we find along our journey!

    We are staying in the Mad River area to begin with (10th-12th) and then we found a cool geodesic dome that we rented off of airbnb in Woodbury on the 13-14! I know that whatever we find will be beautiful! I’m excited to even cross the border and check out Canada as well….since as you said, in the North the cold begins and there may be a chance of lovely colors that have been triggered by the crisp cold! Thanks for enlightening me! 🙂

  2. Thanks – can’t find the map you suggested to get, as they were sold out last time I checked so just was not sure if you thought any of the back roads would be worth a ‘detour’ for some pictures or just to head straight up. Based on this – looks like up to Lake District then explore. If you think of some nice photo ops on the way that would be great. Otherwise thanks and I am off to read the articles you sent.

  3. Jeff, we had never been to New England and I have enjoyed and used your postings to plan our trip. I think we had an excellent itinerary and you are welcome to share with your readers if you think worthwhile. After a couple of days in rainy New York City, we started our New England fall foliage trip in Wakefield, NH on October 3 at a marvelous B&B, The Wakefield Inn. October 4, we drove north on Route 16 to North Conway and loved the town. We also loved route 16; we have enjoyed the fall foliage in Virginia numerous times, but the New England trees are more plentiful and you feel they are right there beside you – all over. We left North Conway and drove route 112 on the Kacam?? Highway to Franconia Notch State Park. Another absolute beautiful drive. We spent the night at the Mcindoe Falls Inn in McIndoe Falls VT, another fine B&B. The next morning we drove up to St. Johnsbury on route 5 for another fine drive and this town is also very special. From there we headed down route 5 back and forth to route 10 between New Hampshire and Vermont with stops in Hanover, Windsor, Cornish and Rockingham and finally to Brattleboro, VT where we are now at 1868 Crosby House B&B – really nice. I am very happy with the towns and parks we visited and suggest they not be missed even if you are “only” going for the leaves. We head home to Pittsburgh tomorrow. I think this was an absolute great itinerary but as you have been saying, the only thing missing this year was fall foliage. There was nice color now and then, but we could only imagine how spectacular a peak season would be with all those trees. Maybe another year. Thanks for your help.

  4. Thank you for your reports – excited to be heading up that way from warm Texas on Saturday. We will be in Boston until Monday then heading to Wolfboro area. Any suggestions on good places to stop along the way? Some good picture spots as well as good food or just interesting sites. Will be traveling with parents so will do some walking – but would not look for any “hiking”. I did find an “ice cream trail map” so if nothing else we will likely find some interesting spots while in search for ice cream (and/or hot toddy as it looks a bit chilly). 😉

  5. Hi Jeff! So I hear that the colors of the fall haven’t quite made their peak as of yet due to various reasons and unknown reasons as well. (I asked you about the colors today on your FB page.) Thanks for your response!

    So I have also heard you say that if the colors aren’t quite at their peak wherever we may be, then just keep heading north. Is that a good general rule to go by? I don’t understand why the colors change from North to South actually and if you feel like enlightening me on that, I’d greatly appreciate it!! 🙂

    You seem to have quite a bit of knowledge and experience with the fall colors etc. And I know that there is also the BIG factor of Mother Nature’s mind and what she wants to do, which is unpredictable. But I am curious to know which direction we might want to head during our road trip if the colors where we find ourselves aren’t peaking yet? Since we have the freedom of the road, we can go anywhere! So any advise on that would be awesome! I know it’s hard to give exacts, but whatever you can offer will be of great help!

    We will be on the road in Vermont from Oct.10-14 and then from the 14th-20th we will be around Falmouth, MA.

    Thanks for all your great updates and blog. I am following all your pictures and updates in preparation for our trip coming up. I really appreciate your writings and your sense of humor!

    • I just go back in off the road and don’t want you to wait for an answer but this will be short… Why North? the cold (usually) comes down from Canada and cold is one factor besides amount of daylight that triggers the colors.

      One mans peak is another mans Blah! I’m picky, just ask my wife… you and everyone will probably be perfectly happy with what you find. I’m seeing a lot of green which means there are still a lot of colors to show up… (always a good thing…)

      Normally the 10-14 time frame is central Vermont But as of today I’m still spending time in Peacham and the Northeastern corner of VT (Known as the NEK or Northeastern Kingdom) But I’m getting reports of good color developing in Barre which is further south so in 7 days I would say you could have from Montpelier north to the border to play with. It hard to say right now when the leaves will start dropping but so far they have been staying on the trees. That does not mean I don’t see bare trees yet, because I do… But I was on the Canadian border and the trees are still fully leafed up there (and good color) Click this page and then pic the state you are interested it. it may help

  6. Next year drive a few miles more to the autumn on the green in Danville, vt. Always the first Sunday in October. A wonderful fall festival with localvore crafts, foods, music.

    • I unfortunately had to drive right by it… Did you see me, I was waving… I was going to hit Peacham road but you had it blocked off so we headed for Route 2 and home (Lisa had to work in the morning. And what is up with the bakery closing on Tuesdays when I come by for a cup o joe??? I had to go all the way to St Johnsbury to get my coffee and a breakfast sandwich there??? 🙂 Yes I was there early this morning after photographing Peacham at dawn… So I do stop in from time to time…

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