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Robert Frost locations for autumn drives — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,the one you haven’t yet visited is the only one I have visited. I have some photos of it (of course). This one, too, has a little trail through the woods with little signs with quotes from his poems along the way. Convenient to photograph them if you’re ever looking for quotes to append to something! I wonder whether the people who put up those signs in the field in Sugar Hill got the idea from that. Like Sue, I’ve also seen his grave in Bennington VT. Believe it or not, I appreciate the way you include information about where to eat in these posts. My son once gave me a book of Frost’s poems illustrated with color photographs; I still have it. Many many years ago.

    • Thanks Nancy, I think you’ll find that when I with Lisa I will stop for regular meals… I’m more likely to just stop for coffee or a similar fill me up… when I’m by myself… Sometimes I stop at a diner and see if they have a blue cheese burger (that is how I determine the over all quality of a joint) 🙂
      But in general I’ll go many miles before I fill me up… Except coffee… I usually stop for that and if I see a general store, I like to stop and pick up a snack… but if they have home made items… 🙂 I gain a few pounds…

      I’ve got a pocket book of Robert Frost’s poems @1960 sitting here by Louis Untermeyer

  2. Our 2 week trip from Louisiana to VT in last October was supposed to be our once in a lifetime…..but these emails are already making me itch to go back!

    • Hi Karen, sounds like you had a great trip and we’ll be here, when you come back next time. A New England fall foliage vacation is like a lays potatoes chip… you can’t just do it once… 🙂

  3. Loved this post as it transported me back to beautful New England. I’ve visited all of Frost’s home’s and his grave in Bennington. I live not far from Little Iddens, Frost’s home in Gloucestershire UK and love The Road Not Taken so much so we used it at my husbands funeral. It was very apt for him.

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