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Autumn year round — 7 Comments

  1. Ok Jeff, here we go:
    The sight of red maples on a crisp sunny day – best part of Autumn
    Waiting at the door in our neighborhood for all the little ghosts and goblins for Trick or Treat – Halloween
    First leaves falling, morning air has a new somewhat smokey fragrance, caramel apples at the store – Autumn is starting
    Witch – my ultimate costume
    The Exorcist – best scary movie (still gives me the heebie jeebies after all these years!)
    Coffee – black, thanks
    Neighbors in the 60s inviting us in and MAKING us do a trick for the treat (I know, creepy…they were nice though) – we told a quick knock – knock joke, got our candy and scooted out the door!
    Would love to spend Halloween in Jackson NH, all those pumpkin people you know
    Roasted corn with maple pepper – fav food
    Corn Maze? No too claustrophobic!
    Eddie Bauer fleece vest, warm and cool as needed – accessory
    Skip the turkey, pass the stuffing/dressing – Thanksgiving food
    Autumn – a sunny day when beautiful leaves of red and gold drift down from the trees leaving a crunchy carpet on a trail to a brook or waterfall. Ahhh!!!

  2. Jeff,

    I won’t answer all the above questions, but the most important part of autumn to me is the brilliant fall foliage. I live in North Carolina, in the foothills near the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is/can be brilliant color in our mountains, depending on the conditions of the particular year. I also love gingerbread, typically a colder weather item.

    Jack Eaton
    Winston-Salem, NC

  3. best part of Autumn? When the leaves get nice and bright and you can smell fall in the air!!!
    Favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Salem of course!!! Every year its up to Salem I go for 3 nights of celebration!!!
    top 3 signs Autumn is starting? gets cooler, smell in the air changes and LEAVES of course!!
    ultimate Halloween costume? Anything original!!!!
    best ghost story/movie? Hmmmm the Innkeepers was a pretty good movie!
    coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? hot chocolate!!!
    scariest Halloween memory? Thinking I was not going to get a reservation for my Halloween weekend in Salem
    where would you want to spend Halloween? Salem forever and always!!! I love everything about it!
    favorite fall food? apple cider doughnuts
    ever been in a corn maze? Absolutely
    favorite football team? If your from New England its the PATS!!!!
    in school/college? no
    favorite Autumn accessory? my camera (not that I can take the beautiful pictures you do)
    best food on Thanksgiving? stuffing
    describe a picture that perfectly describes Autumn to you! A wooded path with a stream surrounded by the colors of fall, or a peaceful town common with the colors of fall all around it.

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