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Hidden Cenotaph, in plain sight! — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve been here! Its called Ordination Rock. I didn’t know what a cenotaph was so thank you for that:) I posted a photo of this to my flickr account and someone left me this link with a lot of information about it and Tamworth in general if you are interested Just thought I’d share!

  2. I travel to this area, mostly in the summer, and confess that I am sad to see any cenotaph involving the witch trials, as I descend from the hanging judge. But if it’s too hot at the Madison bean hole supper, I’ll look for these.

  3. Well, you learn something new everyday! I have to admit I never heard of a cenotaph until now. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check out the memorial to Samuel Hidden this October.

  4. Thanks, Jeff! My wife and I live in Tampa, but we head up to VT or the White Mountains every Oct – we look forward to reading your post all year long – they always contain some “gems” that send us scurrying to our maps and give us something new to consider incorporating into our next visit. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Nice article Jeff, I never knew even what a Cenotaph was let alone there was one in Tamworth, it’s on my list when I head back up to my place in September. Tamworth Pond is awesome, the sunrise usually hits the dam perfectly as I got some great shots this past winter.

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