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June fall foliage comment to win! — 15 Comments

  1. I hope you have time to get some great pictures pictures in the park this summer.

  2. Cornish Windsor Bridge, one of the first covered bridges we found when we started making our way to the White Mts over 30 years ago. As you’ve suggested many times, take a random exit off the interstate you never know what awaits!

  3. I’ve missed your articles, but understand the need to pay the bills all year round. I can’t wait until we get closer to fall to see what the season will hold for New England and the foliage.
    Keep truckin,
    Danni Armstrong

  4. Love that your our fave Fall Foliage blogger and Park Ranger to boot now!

  5. Jeff – Good luck with your new job and the book you are about to write. I am looking forward to using it for future fall trips. Thanks. Mary

  6. I always look forward to your updates & post & photos. I came to New England last fall for the first time ever & fell in love with it. I’m planning on coming back this year in October so I’m counting down the days. I would love to win & have the opportunity to be eligible for one of your Canvas prints later this year. I love your website and have shared it with many of my friends & family.

  7. My wife and I received your calendar and are loving every months pic! We can’t wait for our fall trip!

  8. Jeff,

    I do enjoy your blog. Hope you enjoy your seasonal job.

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