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Scenic drive to explore Tamworth NH — 6 Comments

  1. Jeff, I’m sorry I haven’t replied to this! THANK YOU SO, SO much! This has been immensely helpful as we’ve been planning our trip. Thank you for all the time you put into it!

  2. Jeff, my husband and I have been looking at different routes for our trip this fall. Is Highway 2 a good route to take?

  3. I have a question along the same line, Jeff. I had asked you about the fall leaves this year since we have our plane tickets booked for Sept 25 – Oct 4, arriving in Portland, Maine (we live in Oregon). You had mentioned going into northern Maine, then New Hampshire, then Vermont (then we have to go to Boston to see some friends), then back to Maine to fly back home. I was wondering how we plan a route for that??? We know we need to start booking our lodging right now but we don’t have a clue as to what our route should be! Can you help?? It’s hard to judge how much to drive & see each day! Thanks!

    • Hi Valri, Route 2 is a good route to get across NH In and of itself you might skip it BUT! on either side of route 2 are tons of sights to see. Jefferson and Gorham are ok towns and Gorham is larger with an old (failed) paper mill there but it does have a great train exhibit that you can get out and explore Read about some Route 2 stops here.
      and here and here is a listing of scenic drives on my site:
      Distance… Absolutley no more than 300 miles in a day and preferably 125… If your distances require 300 miles every day then you are missing the concept of “vacation” and this is meant to be a relaxing vacation… At least it’s supposed to be. I will do more because I’m trying to locate where the fall colors are and get those into my blog. For you I want you to travel at 25 mph and really enjoy yourself…

      I will say that with your dates being this early you may be able to wing the reservations but if you like luxury (are very picky on where you stay) then yes you should make reservations.
      The problem with Maine is that there are few east/west roads and you will travel north and south zig-zagging across the state. At least on big roads and instead of that I usually have Lisa my wife and navigator get out the Gazetteers for each state and steer me to my destination. GPS’s are ok but cell service is not always perfect up in Maine, Northern NH or VT and your phone’s GPS needs cell service to work. If you have a “real” GPS then you are safer. But a big map to choose your route is much easier and more fun. for 25 Sept to 1 Oct I would leave Portland on 95 and go to Fairfield heading N by NW towards Greenfield and Moosehead lake. This article will talk about Moosehead and the vicinity,

      Now the problem with going up that far is that you have to come back down 201 until you can cross over on to 16 and onto 27 and head west onto 16 which will take you to Rangeley. Very nice Inns in Rangeley lake and very nice scenery also. I would leave Rangeley on Route 16 and come down to Errol and if the colors haven’t really developed to your satisfaction then catch 26 to Dixville Notch (First place in the Nation to cast its ballots) Then I would hit colebrook heading south on route 3 OR… cut time and out of Errol head south on 16. Re-read the scenic NH drive article because you should stop in Milan and there is a quaint little B&B (The Stark Covered Inn B&B) in Stark NH on Route 110 ($59/night) NOT a 5 star but I like quirky places.

      The problem for me to figure out is I don’t know you… Do you drive fast or slow, do you like to stop and hike… All of these things play into where to go and stay. Most decent sized towns will have availability during Monday-Thursday so you should be able to wing it but on Fri-Sun I would try to figure out where I want to put my head down for a night or two…

      I really like it when folks pick a few spots and yous these few places as base of operations and each morning they head out in a different direction to explore and then move on…

      I know this may not be the most helpful but I am trying… My wife says I’m VERY trying…

  4. Simply beautiful, we are planning a driving trip Oct. 2017, not sure where to begin, should we fly into Boston and do a loop? we live in California and don’t get fall colors so looking forward to it . do you have any ideas of the best route to see the most in a 10 day drive?

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