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Drought effect on Autumn in New England — 2 Comments

  1. Your photography is just superb and awe inspiring. I’m chronically I’ll with many pain issues and can’t stay anywhere overnight as I care fir many I’ll pets. I live just 20 mins north of Boston, MA. Do you or anyone have any recommendations where I can shhot? I am very limited as to time unfirtunately,can’t leave my house before 9 am as nd must be back by 6 pm latest. I know. I kniw, but I’m not giving uo..
    For tuna rely I live near the ocean and shoot lots of synruse scenes .Thank u so very much for everything u share with so many.
    Cher Angelo

    • Hi Cher, if you take a ride down 90 to the Quabbin or up onto Route 2 to the Mohawk trail. This year everything east of you will be hard hit by the drought so head a far west as you can get. Old Sturbridge village is another good location.
      Best of luck!

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