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Exploring Center Sandwich in autumn — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jeff

    I’m planning my fall foliage trip for mid october once my twin daugther will come with me and one of them can’t take a vacation before october 15th.
    I know this will take us a little bit south from the gorgeous places you have photographed all these years, but will it be too late?
    I’m not talking about preditictions, but would love to know what is your feeling about this year’s best colors week…
    Will it be the first week of october as usual?

    Thanks a lot

    • Right now the general consensus is that the warm weather will be with us through October which will slow the progression. So the 15th should be fine for the southern White Mtns of NH and the Green Mtns of VT. Over in Maine it may happen a bit earlier so more central (Sabago and Rangeley lakes) may be good as of the 15th but more likely a bit south.

      The Joker is the temps IF we get good cold evenings in Sept then it will start up fast and run quick. 2012 was like this year and then as now we didn’t get much snow and we were 3″-4″ light on rain. It got kick started by the cold night time temps getting down into the 30s across New England.
      Pick a nice central location and explore high and low and just enjoy your time with the twin daughters.

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