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30 Sept foliage update — 13 Comments

  1. We are leaving Bar Harbor on route 1 A near Bangor now. Colors are amazing. We will be in Glenn NH this afternoon. I think we are in for a beautiful drive

  2. I was out photographing Fall Foliage on Sunday and North Central Massachusetts is pretty close to peak. Woodstock, Vt was another place that had good foliage. Northern Vermont is disappointing so far, I was all the way up in Newport,VT on Saturday and there wasn’t much there.

  3. we’re in north-central maine around moosehead lake/routes 6 and15, and colors coming out – wondrous reds/oranges/golds b/t greenville and rockwood, and between greenville & kokajo.

  4. We are here now and went to some of the places you mentioned! We have seen some reds, oranges and yellows! Although it’s not “peak”, it’s still beautiful! We are having a great time! We even drove up to the Canada border for a quick photo! Love it here!!!

  5. Will be in New England area starting Oct the 15th for a week, do you think this will be to late?

  6. Hi Jeff, thanks for the update! What about Vermont? Which area will have the most color by next week (mid week)?

  7. Thanks for the awesome report! Headed to the White Mountains on Monday, looks like our timing is on the mark! We’re headed to Manchester and Weston VT (gotta go to the Vermont Country Store) on Saturday then on to Jackson NH for the rest of the week.

  8. I made the trip north to Vermont, starting in Lyndonville and heading north. I went up Rt 114 to Norton then over to Averill. I’d say it’s about another week before it’s peak in that area. It was nice to see some real red in the trees that had started to turn. The weather was ok, overcast with some patches of blue. I guess I’ll hold off going back up there till next weekend.

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