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Exploring Sugar Hill New Hampshire — 4 Comments

  1. Great Photo of Beaver Pond! The weather was so bad when my husband and I went last fall we almost got blown away lol! Luckily it cleared up and we followed 112 to 116 and kinda got lost. We eventually found ourselves at Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill. We also visited The Sampler Gift shop and Harman’s cheese before discovering Pearl Lake. The whole area is gorgeous! Even on a foggy, rainy day.

  2. Hi Jeff, Well, friends and I are on countdown to our big reunion here in NH – they coming from CA.,MN. KY, and I live
    Southern NH. We will be 4 days in Jackson area Oct. 13,14,15, and 16 – so toward the last days of color presumably,
    but with great hope there will be some. I thought you may have some suggestions of the best chance still catching
    some color up there on day drives. We are planning some of the more traditional White Mt. activities, Cog Rail etc.
    Thanks for anything at all you may offer. Priscilla

    • I think you’ll head south and west from there, I’m not sure how the Maine area will look but heading down to Conway should be nice and then on your way into the Cog you will see a road that says Jefferson Notch and while I haven’t been on this in years it my give you a great viewing experience. It’s a dirt road so be aware and no facilities.
      come down route 16 past Conway (two covered bridges) and down at Tamworth you could have a great viewing and exploring down there. Read all 6-8 articles I wrote this summer about Tamworth and the surrounding hills. You have squam lake below that and then over west to Plymouth and Rumney NH and then explore into VT. get the new VT/NH Gazetteers and check out all the lakes and ponds and then look for a small town to eat… explore on a full tank and a full stomach… 🙂

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