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2017 fall foliage forecast in New England — 28 Comments

  1. I hope were not wasting our time by heading out there the end of Sept. We will be there till 2nd week of October.

    • Well Jeremiah, I hope you aren’t either. This be bad for all of us meaning if you come for that length of time and don’t have great fall color then something has happened like a zombie apocalypse has happened and we have more important things on our minds… I think if you read my articles and ask questions you should have a great time. lots of fall festivals at that time and so much to see. Trails to hike and history to enjoy and don’t miss the pumpkin spiced coffees and apple cider doughnuts… Oh and what about them leaves… Hell, you can even drive down to Boston and take in a Patriots games… if your pockets are deep… 🙁
      I think you’ll be ok, as of right now the spring is running late and I’m wondering if spring will ever arrive.. of! and this is not a new trend in weather… just different than the past few… maybe an early fall… Shhhh… don’t tell anyone…. 🙂

      Just remember, the earlier you show up, the further north you will want to be…

  2. thanks Jeff, for your quick reply…yes, we will plan separate trips to Maine and elsewhere to focus on the colors but I’ll see what we can capture on this Cape trip. Thanks again…

  3. Hi Jeff…we were on Cape Cad at the end of October last year though there was a bit of color it did seem that we were a week or so early. We plan a return to the Cape this Autumn and am thinking that the dates of 1-Nov to 8-Nov — or even 4-Nov to 11-Nov — might work better to catch some color. Given that the Cape is typically the tail of New England fall color dog do those dates sound about right (based on your expertise and past experience)?

    thanks in advance…

    Jeff Clay

    • I think anywhere in those dates should be good, the cape is never what I would call color central but it does get wonderful red oaks coloring up and a few maples and evergreens to counterpoint the oaks and then of course you have the wonderful blues of the ocean… a Lovely pallet of colors, to be sure.

  4. Aloha Jeff from the Big Island of Hawaii!
    Knocking off a bucket list to see a great part of our country. My spouse and I arrive from Big Island (Hawaii) at DC Sunday Oct 8th, then take a train to New York to catch a play and visit the World Trade Center.
    Monday the 9th take the train to Albany along the Hudson. Rent a car and spend 3 days in the general area which includes a visit to the Berkshires.
    Leave Friday 13th to take a train to Boston (Italian meal and another meal for Maine Lobster) then back on a train to DC to visit the Capitol/White House etc.
    We leave back home on the 1st flight Wed the 18th.
    Any recommendations for Albany/Berkshires loop. If need be, I can cancel the trip to Boston for a few extra days in Albany/Berkshires and head back via train to DC.
    New York and 4 days in DC are a priority along with fresh Maine Lobster dinner somewhere.
    Standing by with your thoughts.

    • Hi Rick, I think you’ll find the 10-12th full of great fall color. The Hudson valley maybe a little green due to the proximity to the river. The timing should be great for the Berkshires and that corner of the state. If you don’t find autumn color in the lowlands you are sure to be able to find it in higher elevations or Visa/Versa. The train ride to Boston should be very colorful, although the fall color will be just starting there. You will find so much to see and do that you may want to extend the trip till Christmas to see it all.
      I hope this helps

  5. Were should be in vermont end of Sept. Then working our way towards boston . We are so excited to see where our nation started

  6. I hope your right. My wife and I have always wanted to head out there for the autumn season. I bet it’s beauty is worth the drive from California

    • You are so very right… I’ve been to California a few time and it has it own beauty just as New England does. Each state in between has it’s own charm and New England and our fall colors culminate in a Spectacular show each October and it’s never the same twice… It always is worth seeing because it is always different!

  7. We are in new england mid September Conway down to Rhodes island 2017 looking for the Sutton colour what’s the chance of us seeing it

    • Well Annie and Jon, I would be very surprised if you don’t see any color. That said you are about 2 weeks early for real color to show up. You will see anything from single leaves to a few whole trees (usually stressed trees turn early) But as you head south you will see less and less. You will want to focus on the other beautiful bounties that we have plenty of. Small town commons with friendly folks and working farms and roadside farm stands selling all sorts of fresh vegetables and sweat apples and what have you.
      If the weather behaves you will have a wonderful visit but the serious colors do start a bit later in Sept and into Oct. As far as Rhode Island, you can plan on mid/late Oct and into November along the coastline in most years.
      Jeff Foliage

  8. Hi Jeff. Thank you for all of your information. We are planning our trip back east shortly. We need to be back home mid October. What do you think about Vermont color as our last stop mid October?

    • I’ve found good color the last few years around Stowe and Smugglers Notch. (16 Oct to be exact) so I think anywhere in there can be real good. Of course this is based on past data and this year could also be earlier or later depending on the weather we get from spring through Nov… 🙂 Don’t want you to forget to stop in once an a while to get my updates… 🙂

  9. Hi Jeff, thank you so much for such amazing and detailed information. You really helped me a lot with my travel plans. Thanks again for your time!!!

    • I corrected a few things with my theme and I hope it reads better now and the side bar segments don’t misbehave and cover up fall foliage information.

  10. Hi Jeff! My husband and I are trying to plan a “fall foliage” cruise for the so-called “perfect” week in the fall…We will be leaving from Boston and going to Maine, New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia, etc. Predictions for the “perfect week” to see that area in its best colors? Thanks!

    • Hi Susan, I would choose late Oct between the 19th and even the 1st week in Nov. I’m assuming you will be along the coast for the most part and those areas are always late to turn their colors and if we don’t have any major winds and rain they can hold on till Thanksgiving… But I would still look at late Oct since that also gives you more leeway to explore further inland.

  11. Hi Jeff, First of all congratulations on your web site, so informative, I have learn a lot. I would really appreciate your help! Finally checking off life-time bucket list to see fall foliage. We are flying into NYC from Chile (sorry about my English) and I was thinking driving to Tarrytown, NY. After a long flight, I think it could be a nice first stop. Then drive north up to Bennington. Keep going north up to Burlington and Stowe (which route do you recommend us, route 7 or 100?). From Burlington or Stowe head east through the White Mountains. Where do you recommend us to spend a couple of days there, North Conway, Jackson? Which are the most scenic routes there to see fall foliage? Then we are thinking keep going east to Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park and spend some time there. Then, go south through the coast until Boston, visiting some coastal towns on the way. Which places do you recommend me to visit there? Finally, drive from Boston to NYC with a stop in Newport. Dates: October 7-21. Our main objectives are, fall foliage, lakes, mountains, quaint rural villages, and coastal towns. We are not spending any time in Boston or NYC, we have been there. Considering those dates, do you think that the loop is ok? or would you do it in the other direction? driving from NYC to Newport first, for example. I would love to see some good colors along the way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Claudia, I made some general notes and you will need to work the dates as I’m only estimating your length of stay in each area.
      7 Oct arrive in Tarrytown and 8th leave for Bennington this is a 2:48 minute drive and 155 miles via route 84. you can increase the time by cutting over to route 7 and take that north Check in at Bennington and explore area.
      9th leave and catch route 100 north. start to see color Now this is a 3.5 hr drive so you could stop halfway by dropping off route 100 and drive over to Woodstock VT spend the night there and then back to Route 100 and north to Burlington.
      11th Burlington to Stowe spend night.(Stowe inn?) Do the Smugglers notch on 108 continue north to Route 15 and head east.
      This ends part 1… part 2 to follow…

    • Ok here is part 2
      You were heading on Route 15 east but before you do at 108 and 15 there are 3 covered bridges (CB) within 3 miles. (the Poland CB, the Grist mill CB and the Gates farm) hit the search on my page for more info on at least one of them. As you head east you will pass the scribner CB and the Power house CB that are on 100C north or near by. Back on 15 east you will hit Wolcott VT and the Wolcott railroad CB. Further along is Joes pond which can have nice reflection and early in the morning can also have fog on the pond. After that make a left onto route 2 heading east.
      In Danville there is a nice little coffee house to get a coffee. It’s near a 4 way intersection and on the side street. (worth it!) This will take you into St Johnsbury and then into New Hampshire. Route 2 will then bring you into Lancaster and another CB (Mechanic). Due to it now being the 12th or 13th you should head south on route 3 into carroll NH. Just past this is route 302 which you make a left (east) but will turn south through the white mountains. You could make reservations at the Mount Washington hotel or keep going south but not too fast as there are photo ops and hiking ops all along the way. When 302 meets route 16 you can either take a left to Jackson or stay straight and go to North Conway. I’ve never stayed in Jackson and only at an RV campground in Conway but Jackson has the Wentworth and North Conway has tons of places to stay. And I really suggest the Metropolitan coffee house… not to mention take a foliage train ride next door at the Conway scenic railroad (note RESERVATIONS)…
      Looking at 14 or 15th so make a direct route to Maine (hint it’s east)… Either follow back up 16 past Mount Washington (note coming down route 16 will take you past the “other” train entrance and the cog railway which weather permitting, will take you to the top of Mount Washington… Again! RESERVATIONS!
      There are few east/west road to cross Maine so have a good map book for all of this (like this and this one They are invaluable!
      Spend the 15-17th in Acadia, note! see the dawn from top of Cadillac mountain (fees involved but so worth it) and take a horse drawn ride and visit Bass head lighthouse dawn and sunset are great!
      Travel down to Camden Maine and stay at The Norumbega Inn. (location),-69.0587924,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4cadd7a47e75b3db:0x96cf127c84ea6021!8m2!3d44.2178626!4d-69.0566037
      Climb to the top of Mount Battie and the afternoon sunlight on the harbor and fall colors… Too die for… just don’t have a heart attack…. good climb!
      Stop in Salem for Halloween festivities.. Not Halloween… No problem everyday in October has Halloween events going on but the weekends are just crazy!
      Arrive back in Boston and all done!

      I hope this in some small way helps…

      Jeff Foliage

  12. Ok – so it’s too early to predict 2017 foliage season, but you do get us thinking, dreaming, and planning !

  13. Hi Jeff. I have ben meaning t contact you about your predictions for 2017, knowing that a lot can change. on my iPad a seris of ads block vital areas of your bog though. I will try on my pc where i have add blockers.

  14. Hi Jeff, Amazon ad is covering your content…just sayin’. Looking forward to more predictions!

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