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  1. I have a dearth of freelance editing at the moment and so have time to talk. PM me on Facebook, suggest some times (and remind me of your phone no.), and I’ll reply with the time that’s best for me. Not good for me: Monday a.m. 4/10. Wed. 4/12 from ca. 4 pm onward. Thursday evening 4/13, Friday afternoon 4/14, Saturday 4/15 from ca. 4 pm onward. It’s Holy Week, thus a lot of camping out in churches with my music and my voice (such as it is). Easter Week looks reasonably free, though I may go into Mahwah on Tuesday.

  2. Hi Jeff, This amazing travelogue focusing on Vermont is timely because I’ve been thinking I should get out of my foliage rut and try Vermont for a change. I’ve actually been to the area around the Billings Farm Museum many years ago but the weather was terrible and it wasn’t foliage season. Yesterday I was in the Barnes & Noble in Middletown RI and noticed a new series on scenic drives — inexpensive pocket-size books. There was one on Vermont so I picked it up. Since I usually drive through Chester en route to picking up I-91 to northern NH I’ve always wanted to photograph there — cute town. So that will likely be factored in. Thanks for this helpful post!

    • We should talk as maybe that will help me organize my book… What sorts of things are most important to include… The one thing I have to skimp on is lodging. I just have stayed in so few places… Thoughts? what are the things are most important for you?

  3. Hi Jeff. We are planning to arrive in NYC on 10th October from Australia. After a 30 hour flight abd Depart again from NY on 2nd November, so we want to se NYC and also the fall foliage. Happy to self drive but think we need to pick a car up out of NY as not sure about getting out of there stress free! We have never been to this part of the world but it looks amazing, so we are so confused as to where to go to see great foliage. We prefer to see a couple of places and get to know that well rather than long drives each day a quick overnight stop and another long drive day to say we saw 20 of do towns. . Could you please offer some suggestions. We are a Married couple in our 60’s but pretty active. Enjoy culture, food, historical towns and beautiful gardens and parks and nature of course. Would not be opposed to some hiking too. Just not sure what to do to see some of the best that this part if the USA offers. Kindest regards Stacia Wright

    • Well you are asking for a bit here… Hmmm… I have time till the pizza arrives so here goes… I’m assuming you are staying over night in NYC. The next day I’m thinking keeping the drive short. But leave NYC on either I-87 North (major highway) or 678 which changes to 684 and then enters Connecticut and connects to Route 7 Medium sized highway down to smaller primary road. Maybe I should say hit the car rental place and make sure you get a car with navigation. Next plug-in Stockbridge Massachusetts. This was the town made famous by American Illustration artist, Norman Rockwell. The drive is a short one and I recommend never going more than 2 hours a day (at most!) Once there, you could stay at the Red Lion inn (make reservations or you may get stuck outside of town).
      You can visit the Norman Rockwell museum nearby or visit Alice’s restaurant made famous by Arlo Guthrie. The original restaurant was called “The Back Room.” It was located on 40 Main Street in Stockbridge, in back of a row of stores, as stated in the song lyrics; at the time, it was located behind a grocery store and directly underneath the studios of Norman Rockwell.
      Enjoy the day there but the next day I suggest a drive up to Vermont… Another drive of 2hr 45 minutes to get up to Woodstock VT. Beautiful village with very nice places to stay and they even have a covered bridge in town. Here you can stay a day or so and explore the local areas nearby. The Billings Farm Museum ( and there is also a National park next to that. Then Jenne farm (hit the search bar on my site) is south on Route 106 about 10 minutes from Woodstock. And it’s crowded by photographers first thing in the morning and if you go, head down to the house and they will (should) have maple syrup to purchase.
      You can take a drive west and onto Route 100 and follow it north along the feet of the Green mountains. Lots of places to stop and explore. If you drive as far as Granville and just a bit further, you will find Moss Glenn Falls. It can’t be missed as it is literally right on the road (route 100). You are now about an hour from the hotel and it’s up to you if you go further or not and what kinds of fall colors you are seeing…
      Also you can explore Quechee and their covered bridge and the Simon Pearce glass store. You can usually see if there are any glass blowing demos scheduled (
      Up to Pomfret and then across into New Hampshire (NH). I think a stay at Meredith NH at Churches Landing or at one of their less pricey places. There are tons of place to stay in this area. The first day we’ll take a short drive up Route 93. We’ll stop for breakfast (don’t eat till I say) You’ll get off on exit 34C and get on Route 18 and follow it into Sugar Hill and Polly’s Pancake Parlor. This is a must stop and if you don’t like pancakes they do have many more items on the menu…
      You need all that they will feed you because you will go back out and head south on 93 getting off in Franconia Notch. Pull into the big parking lot and go to the welcome center and now the big breakfast will become evident. You pay a small entry fee and take a walk in the park. There is a covered bridge in there (Flume Gorge (CB) covered bridge) and the Pine sentinel CB. Plus some spectacular views.

      You can also do this first but they don’t open till 9AM so don’t arrive too early… Then go up to sugar Hill and Polly’s for lunch… Coming back south on 93 you will come to Route 112 also known as the Kancamagus highway and heading east will take you along 36 miles of the highest elevations in NH. You will come out on the other side near Conway NH. If early enough have dinner or just head south on route 16 to route 25 and back to Lake Winnipesaukee and Meredith NH.
      You can also drive up from Meredith to the Lake Chocorua area and upon reading my Tamworth articles you can explore that area…

      Now I want you to digest all of this so far… I can sometimes get carried away and I’ll let you ask some questions…


  4. Hi Jeff, thanks for these hints, especially Connecticut, with which, believe it or not, I’m not all that familiar. But I am familiar with Rhode Island and think the area around the Scituate Reservoir has a good foliage drive.
    I’d be curious to know what they gave for NY. Somewhere in the ADKS, I’ll bet.

  5. Jeff thanks for your hard work ! have you been to Ontario Ca. in October ? in a 2016 trip from Toronto take hwy 100 n. to Sault St. Marie a 400 hundred mile drive along the lake and through Indian reservations and every direction you turn to look at the foliage you see a display you want on your wall ” it was the most beautiful drive I have ever seen to this date” Living in Oklahoma we have some really nice place to view the foliage like Beavers Bend State Park and a short drive into Arkansas. I love your work and hope you get a chance to see what I am talking about in mid October. Dewayne

    • Hi Dewayne, I know the area of OK that you’re talking about (stationed in OKC for 13 years during my 23 yrs in the service) I have never had the time to go up there in mid Oct I’m usually to exhausted with just the New England driving. But I’m amazed that the color was that good that late. I always thought the color would have faded up there by then. Thank you for the directions and the education on CA that I didn’t know… So many beautiful areas in this world and so little time.

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