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  1. Hi Jeff, really? Wow, thanks so much! I’d love to have a T-shirt — size medium or whatever you have close to that. I don’t think you have my current address — watch for a Message in Facebook.

  2. Jeff,
    I have been reading your fall foliage reports for several years.Great job!! I have visited a lot of places in Vermont ,New Hampshire ,Maine and New York over the past 5 years. I usually try to hit the areas the first full week in October and have found beautiful leaves every year.. It is more of an experience to me just being in that part of the country.I am from West Virginia and we do have great foliage in West Virginia .I believe that the biggest differences is the sheer number of maple trees in New England. Areas that have impressed my wife and I are the Kancamagus Highway, the Green Mountains and White mountains in general,the Rangely area of Maine and the Adirondacks in New York. I do look forward to spending time in those areas in October and do plan to be there again this year again with my wife and friends from Colorado. Thanks again for doing a GREAT job!!!

  3. We visited New England last fall and it’s hard to pick a favorite place! We really loved Maine and had a fantastic time in New Hampshire, along with all the other states we visited. It’s hard to choose just one! I think Vermont was wonderful and we loved learning how maple syrup was made – we just had some of our syrup tonight on pancakes!!!! Our highlight was zip lining in New Hampshire- what fun that was! Zipping through the White Mountains was a totally awesome experience for my husband and I. We will never forget all the sights and people we met on our fall foliage trip a few months ago. I wish we could go every year!

  4. New England is full of great places to visit- some are favorites because they have that combination of a cozy place to stay, good food and beautiful views nearby.
    In Maine Acadia National Park in the fall is wonderful- but can be crowded- so finding places like Port Clyde off the beaten path are nice-quiet-by the water.
    Littleton, New Hampshire is a pretty place- kind of a working class town but affordable lodgings- close to Sugar Hill -close to Flume gorge and so many places!
    Vermont is full of incredible places- I continue to return to the Woodstock area each year for good eats, and even just sitting in the square and enjoying a Fall Day with hot cider in hand.

  5. I’m counting the days before my next trip to new england, I’ve seen just a little of this but what I liked the most so far must be the rangeley lake area and kennebunkport town…but it’s really hard to pick just a few.

  6. We used to live just N. of White River Junction, VT/Hanover, NH. We discovered a B & B near the foot of the Mt. Washington drive up road. We had to move back to FL to care for ailing parents. All have passed away now. We ended up with the house and now that my wife and I have retired we return for leaf season. Two years ago was the best. Took the tram to top of Mt. W. Views were unbelievable. The season had been perfect for colors. We were told that they only get days that clear about 4 days a year. We could see white caps in the Atlantic, Wind generators in Montreal. Temps, crisp. We had to finally assign a rating system as each cluster of tree’s colors were brighter than before. We finally ended up with some pics of five star + trees. Being in Tampa we had forgotten the joys of the season. We are both talkers but there were only oooohhhhs and ahhhhhs. It was like being at the 4th of July fireworks. We are depending on you for a great report for out return this year. I am an artist and photographer so I completely lose it. Back when “film” was the thing and we were living there I would do pics and only get blobs of color. A tech person told me that the colors are too intense for the film to handle so the colors bleed. Thank God for the digital age. Watch and wait for your reports. I am also a weather geek/nerd, usually severe types, but also a foliage wx watcher. I too am monitoring conditions. Love hurricanes, T-storms, tornadoes…my wife NOT at all. The rest of the year I watch our favorite places wx up there in New England. We miss the seasonal changes so very much but with age marching on can’t shovel white stuff anymore. I think that makes foliage season just that much more spectacular for us.

  7. Jeff:
    Thank you for the beautiful photos that you post online!
    Thank you for the information about how and where to go to find the locations these photos.
    Thank you for your generosity of providing gifts for these comments.

  8. I want to go to Gilmanton, N.H. in 2017 and see this gorgeous scene in person! However, it’s next to impossible to choose the ONE
    favorite view from 2016. As a New Hampshire resident, it is like visual surround sound – it’s everywhere and ever present dawn to dusk. But
    we did spend 5 days in the White Mountains, staying in Jackson and venturing out each day absorbing spectacularity (no such word,
    but there should be!) But, honestly no matter where we drove, it took our breath away. There were 7 of us in an SUV, and adjectives just tumbled one on top of the other. I do have a favorite for the “feeling and inclusion” of pure sharing with Mother Nature, and that is all the
    country roads we ventured on to nowhere in particular. A picture – perfectly framed with outrageously beautiful color around every curve
    over every hilltop, atop a rickety bridge, into each valley -, infused with old barns, white churches, rusty tractors, children kicking up the leaves or jumping in the already raked up piles. It was magical, Just exactly what the imagination conjures up for autumn in New England.

  9. I haven’t seen New England fall foliage yet, but I would someday like to see fall foliage in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The pictures show very brilliant colors.

  10. Hi Jeff, my usual go-to place in New England for foliage is the White Mountains in NH. I stay in North Conway and try to plan a combination of familiar places–as you know, one almost never gets the same photo twice!–and new places. The wonderful Diana’s Bath trail is practically in North Conway and so that makes a great little early-morning outing on an overcast day. Also, driving to N Conway from I-91 there’s that favorite spot of mine along Rt 118 (Mt Moosilauke), and of course, the view of Chocorua from Rt 16 is well known to all of us! I must admit, though, that my heart belongs to Rhode Island but it takes a more concerted effort to find good foliage sites there. A few days ago I was at Colt State Park (Bristol), which I’ve visited now three times in winter and once in spring, and was thinking that that might be nice in foliage season. One more item filed in the back of my head!

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