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Fall foliage trip in 7-8 days — 7 Comments

  1. First year of doing an Autumn foliage trip was spent looking at views out of a car windscreen . Lesson learnt. Another lesson was don’t try and visit too many places in one day otherwise it feels rushed.Tried to do too many places in between Lincoln nh and Stowe vt one year . We had about 20 minutes at each .Too packed an itinerary equals stress in order to accomplish it . Back roads great with map and gps and not just this backroad looks interesting will take a look here. Have done this and got worryingly lost .

  2. WOW- that’s great you can spend so much time to enjoy the foliage! Nature is unpredictable but as Jeff often says and I agree-don’t come just for the leaves- take time and look at places you want to see- historic destinations- have choices if you have a full day of rain- make sure you have a little bit of a plan for weekends- traffic does happen on weekends and it is best to try to avoid. The back roads are the best for exploring- get a good map- cell signals depending on your service can be spotty- download your maps prior or carry a paper map as a good backup- besides many of the papermaps mark the covered bridges etc-

  3. for the areas you mention- Kittery Maine or Portsmouth NH- and Mystic you can consider the dates AFTER Columbus Day weekend. IF you can avoid Columbus Day weekend you will save $ on lodging and hopefully get COLOR- the Maine coastline does start to close up after Columbus Day but you will still find businesses open and color just developing.

    Thanks Jeff for the mention on itineraries! I would highly recommend deciding on dates so you can choose lodging. Portsmouth NH which on the map is right there with Kittery- is a wonderful place to stay however lodging is limited so I would highly suggest deciding when you want to be there and IF you want to be walking distance to the historic area of Portsmouth.

    I am not as familiar with Mystic but Jeff is- and SALEM MA is interesting to visit but try to avoid on the weekends in October- it is a parking lot !

    IF you have 2 weeks you could plan to start North- see the Kanc- and circle back towards the coast and south

    Hope this is a good start-

  4. Jeff, We are planning but kind of at a lost as to where to begin we will have approx. 2 weeks should we do Boston to Boston or would it be better to fly into one place and leave from another? we live in California and want to get the most out of our vacation but would like to have a few days or 3 at each stop so we can take it all in, there will be 4 of us I know 2 places I want to see is Mystic, Conn. and Kittery Maine because my nephew is stationed in Kittery. Can you help me map this out or direct me to someone who can, I am in charge and will need to figure out hotels, sights to see to make this a memorable trip. Also what is your best guess as to when we should start our trip? Your help would be greatly appreciated
    Merilee Giovannini.

    • There are several things you can do. First my planning article page is:
      Next here are a few articles that you may find of interest. I know that reading a bunch of article that may or may not answer you question directly may not be what you want. This is why I do try to group my article towards each activity. In this case the planning group (link above) will yield more than 4 pages of titles of articles meant to give you ideas on HOW TO PLAN you fall foliage vacation.
      Here are a couple of important ones.

      I will also mention that for a full service planning you can look at the advertisement that April offers. She does tours here in Oct and she says for a fee, she will work up an itinerary. I do not know how much she charges and I do not guarantee her work. But she seems to know her stuff so that is up to you.

      As for me, if you can provide your dates of intended travel I can make a better judgement call. But for two weeks I would say you arrive in Boston and drive north to Northern Vermont. Let’s say 27 Sept and stay near Craftsbury VT. Don’t stay there because I say to but stay there because of my D+I=L To understand this equation, please read the articles above. If your Dates are later then choose accordingly. Then drive over near Jackson NH. Then drive over near Rangeley Lake. Maybe then down to Kennebunkport and then Kittery and the nephew. Now depending on how you do this you could head back to Metro west Boston to stay and keep that location and drive to CT and Mystic then that evening back to that hotel or B&B.
      You can visit this page for my hotels combined search. If you block ads though, you will have to allow ads for this to work.

      Ok, this is based on the date I imagine you are traveling. If you have already picked other dates due to everyone’s schedule then let me know what they are. I will adjust accordingly. Or you can hit the link for April B and let her come up with a more specific itinerary.

      Jeff Foliage

  5. i am planning our first trip to New England Oct. 2-18. I have booked 2-6 in Stowe, Vt, 6-11 in Lincoln , NH, 11-14 in Rockport. ME, 14-18 in Bershires, MA. I wanted to take my time to see the beauty, stop where I want to, and just do nothing if i like. Will I see color during this time?

    • Hi Ann, My only fear will be that your eyes pop out from too much leaf peeping. The Maine dates should be scenic and the color should just about be started there. If the Berkshires are lacking on color it’s only a short drive south to find more or just find lower elevation. The higher elevations usually go first…

      All in all and very nice itinerary. I would love to hear the after action report and post some reports on the facebook page (

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