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April Fall foliage forecast for 2017 — 11 Comments

  1. Looks like another good year for Colors on tap! Always good input on where to go in New England what to see- so many undiscovered places– looking forward to spending more time in new places– which is everywhere in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island- thanks for posting COLOR updates!

  2. Sounds wonderful, really looking fwd to it, Jeff. We’ll be in Stowe early then in Burlington the remainder of the time, plus a car for day trips etc.

    • Like I posted in the article, late Sept does have some good color but it’s just developing and you will find a hill just full of color and the next all in green. Your best bets are further north. Just take a look at how far north Dixville Notch is. but by 1 Oct many areas are looking real good. Even Stowe around 1 Oct has looked good, not full peak but still very beautiful.

  3. Thank you Jeff for your post!!! Can’t wait to come back in New England from France for the beautifulest fall display on earth!!
    We try to come for fall season every year( and when we can’t come we enjoyed so much your photos and lived your foliage trips with you!). We are in love with New England and your amazing landscapes and perfect villages..
    Thank you for your posts and everything,we read your articles since your work at Yankee Magazine, you are our bible!!and we always read your articles with a lot of pleasure and interest, you are simply the best!!
    Have a very nice summer!
    Finger crossed for September
    Veronica and Yann from ANNECY,FRANCE

  4. Yay! Great early post. Wasn’t even planning on returning this year due to my health. But that photo of yours and this early forecast have renewed my hope I can make it somehow! The sugar maples are my fave. Nothing like flying inro VT and viewing red!

  5. Thanks for the update, Jeff! I sure wish we were coming back East again! Hey, I was just going back over the previous blog posts and I didn’t see a winner for April! Did you pick one?

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