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  1. I have been enjoying New England in the fall for many years thankfully- and my goal is to continue to share the beauty of scenics and history so we will continue to have such a special place for generations to come.
    My “goal” is to get to the other corners of New England that I have yet to see- parts of Rhode Island, parts of Massachusetts, parts of Maine and Connecticut!

  2. I love your blog and I love New England in the fall & my goal is just to come back. It’s difficult to pick a favorite place with any certain goal in mind because there is so much beauty to see and so many places to explore.

  3. Vermont is my favorite place to be. I would go every year if I could. I love seeking out some of the places you highlight and I love the pictures.

  4. I do appreciate your foliage photography. I’m looking for assistance from your followers in locating a two week Guided land tour to the Canadian Maritimes in the May 24 to June 15 period. Does it exist on this short notice? A tour co can email me. Not that I know how this works but if I receive an email I’ll look into whatever I receive. Thanks to all. WW

    • Wayne, I’m not sure if or how many of my readers are from up north in the Canadian Maritimes, but I had to look this up… I see that New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are the areas you are interested in and due to their proximity to the ocean, these will be later than the areas further inland. I suspect that you would be looking at early to mid-October and maybe someone has a better guess.
      You could also talk to the Chamber of commerce or I usually call a local library. Hotels and the like have a vested interest in getting you up there. So I will call someone who has none.
      You can call whoever you think might give a real answer… Of course they are not experts but they do live there…
      I hope this helps…

  5. My wife and I have been coming to Vermont,New Hampshire ,and Maine for the past several years during the first week of October.I believe that it is the over all experience of being surrounded but the beautiful foliage as well as just being out in nature exploring different areas and roads.We always make sure that we hit the popular byways but also enjoy a different road each year. -We always make a picture book record of each year and do look at the book throughout the year. Some years the foliage is more vibrant than others but I have yet to experience a “bad” trip.I do enjoy reading your blog .Keep up the good work.

  6. Goals concerning New England–My goal is to have more adult groups in New England! I had my first adult group trip to New England last October. That trip was fantastic–from Boston to Vermont to New Hampshire to Maine and back to Boston! We saw so many wonderful fall colors, fall decorations, and fall food along with the many historical and cultural sites that are important to our American heritage! Spring may be best in the South because of the wildflowers, but nothing can beat New England in the fall! That trip is why I started following your page, Jeff, and I just keep finding more and more great places to visit and add to our itineraries. Thanks, Jeff!

  7. Jeff,
    I do enjoy your blog. I have experienced New England in the fall a couple of times and I enjoy that as well. I also like to win.


  8. Have been making a trip from “Old” England to “New ” England for some years now..Neither is superior to the other.My goal at 12 years of age was to visit New Enland some day after reading an article about the Fall there in a copy of the National Geographic magazine .
    Well I fulfilled my goal which was an amazing feeling for me . My home is England ,My other home is New England . When there next I want to explore more back roads and get off the beaten track .That is just one goal of many . I have many

  9. I’m a born and raised flatlander who started coming to New England in the fall about 20 years ago. Somewhere I had read that every person has a place on earth that is where they really belong. A place that their soul recognizes. My soul knew mine was New England the second I drove over the first mountain and into the beauty of it all. Until seven or eight years ago I made the trip every year in the Autumn and sometimes an extra trip in the summer. In 2007 because of life happening the trips became every other year with my last visit in 2012. Every fall I would feel such a strong pull to return but didn’t in 2014.

    In January of 2015 I became very ill and was given less than a year to live. I almost died in March of that year but apparently I don’t listen very well as I’m still here. I still have massive medical bills and am still ill but my goal is to get back to my soul’s home this fall to nourish and refresh my mind, body and most importantly my spirit. I am getting a little better and may be able to have an operation that will extend my life a little longer. I plan to sell everything I can get my hands on to finance my trip as I only need so much stuff and a trip back would be better than not coming back and having stuff.

    I need the beauty, the calm, the peacefulness, the people and even the air of New England. I need to stand on Long Sands Beach and feel the wind at daybreak. I need to drive down a back road and marvel at the beauty that only nature can provide. I need to be at the Flume and watch the chipmunks playing in the warm Autumn sun. I need to be driving up a mountain watching the fog and mist as it changes with the ebb and flow of the breeze. I want to be in a cottage or cabin on a rainy day with a fire in the fireplace while I listen to the soothing sounds. My soul is calling me to return to New England this Autumn.


  10. Since my husband and I finally got to go to New England last fall for the first time, my goal is to go again during my lifetime! We loved our trip SO much that all we can talk about now is going again sometime! It was gorgeous and we didn’t see near enough to satisfy us, even though we went for 10 days. There was just too much more we wanted to see! We certainly hope we get to go again someday but since we live in Oregon, it’s a long trip and we have to start saving our money again!

  11. My goal is to see beautiful sights and to make great photos when I travel to upper New England. I’m fortunate that I live in Rhode Island, so I can do it relatively frequently. (I would also like to have some speaking engagements in upper New England. I offer TV style game shows which show people more about how they think so they can be safer, more productive, and better communicators. Programs are great for businesses, schools, colleges, universities, conventions, camps, youth groups, and even family events such as birthday celebrations) Ron

  12. Jeff…I’ve been to “old” England and thought it was ok. But “New ” England is sure to be better since all things new are superior are they not? My new knee is better than my old arthritic one. My new husband is certainly better than my old one. And so on and so on. This October I hope to photograph several barns and grist mills with wonderful fall colors surrounding them but if nothing else our trip to Vermont will be a chance to take the lens cap off my Nikon and wander the woods! Anything to get away from the hell that is life on the central coast of California

  13. Well, Jeff, I visit New England as frequently as I can afford, so I have no one specific goal. But let’s just say that the one thing above all that draws me there again and again is my primal attraction to the coastal regions — Rhode Island in particular but also MA and NH. I grew up on the Long Island shore (so many people erroneously think Long Island is part of New England! Well, geologically it is), and so this sort of landscape — oops, coastscape? — is ingrained in my being. During foliage season I’ll head for the mountains and wherever that sort of beauty is, but the coast has a wildness that inexorably pulls me in any season except summer, when the crowds and the weather tame it beyond recognition. Yesterday I was photographing in the Catskills. It was one of our first beautiful days in a looong time. And all I could think of was the New England coast.

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