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Comment to win May! — 10 Comments

  1. Jeff,

    You do a great job disseminating info on New England fall foliage for those of us around the country (and maybe world) who enjoy this topic.


  2. Favorite state – tough question- tie between Vermont and New Hampshire- historic red barns, lakes, waterfalls, Vermont cheese, Sugar Maples, Pollys Pancakes, covered bridges in both states- Maple Syrup places to hike- and plenty of places to take Fall Photos!

  3. Hard to choose my favorite state! We had such a marvelous time in our visit to New England last fall and each state was unique. I would have to say (if I have to choose!) that Maine was our favorite! So much diversity in the landscape across the state – beautiful! The people were super friendly too. That was the only state we went back to on our trip!

  4. Thanks for putting this all into perspective for us!! Thankfully it’s all green here and summer is on the way. The seasons in New England are the best! The landscape keeps changing to keep our cameras busy year roung.

  5. I just started thinking about how we are closer to fall the other day. I go trail running and am planning on running a scenic race up north this fall.

  6. Hey Jeff have my toes in the sand in Duck NC this week but it’s only 65 here – unusually cool. On to Cape Cod (Chatham) in June I hope New England starts to heat up a bit by then! I’ve felt warmer temps in October in NH!

  7. New Hampshire for its White Mountains and the Kanc.
    Can’t beat them..Just a comment ,not to win but needs a mention. Talk about the coming of Fall all you want .Im it’s biggest fan ……almost .

  8. Favorite state I really don’t know. I like my state, Rhode island, because of all of our nice beaches within an hour drive. I like upper New England for fall foliage… and the beautiful Maine coast. I like California with its beautiful beaches. Hawaii is beautiful all around… and the list goes on…

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