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  1. Jeff, new follower. I am planning a foliage trip this Mid-October from Boston through New Hampshire to Woodstock to Bennington back to Boston. Does this seem like a good plan, since our time is limited. I plan a day in Woodstock and a day getting to Bennington. Thanks for your advice.

    • You should be good, Woodstock I like to visit around 10 Oct but this year seems like you should still be finding good color up there through the 15th. Bennington is only a few hours drive time but for me, you have to add 6 hours of gawk time or leaf peep time. Places like New Fane and Dummerston with scenic villages or covered bridges lie between the two points.
      Also, I just saw a place called Marlboro and east of there on Route 9 is a Vermont maple museum… if you like maple syrup that is…

  2. Hi Jeff- we followed you all last year and you helped us tremendously plan our trip. We are now planning another trip of New England and instead of flying into Boston and driving up the coast we will fly into New York and go upstate into NY and then on to Vermont spending more time there since we fell in love with Vermont. We plan on following you and learning how you think this year will match up for foliage compared to last year!

  3. Hi Jeff! As always the photos, photography tips and destinations help all of us plan some amazing travels to New England! – I usually come in October- but would love to escape some of this triple digit heat of California and be in some cooler spots of New England for some of the summer! Look forward to more backroads tips from you and photos to match!

  4. Hi Jeff! Although our vacation plans are taking us elsewhere this year, our trip to NE last fall was one of my favorite. All your great info helped us plan a memorable trip to enjoy the beauty of fall foliage in New England.

    What did I neglect to do this year? Hike in the beautiful southwest desert mountains (an oxymoron?) before it got too hot. Now waiting for the monsoons to cool things down. Hiking at the end of a storm in the desert is glorious!

    PS Happy Father’s Day if you’re a dad! 🙂

  5. I’ve neglected to plan a trip to see fall foliage this year. But your post reminds me that time is running short! I hope to see new spots and go back to some I loved on a previous trip–like Woodstock, Vermont, and the Mohawk Trail. Thanks for posting all your beautiful photos.

  6. Hello Jeff
    I am planning a trip to see fall colors on October 17, 2017! Do you suggest we start in Acadia and work south then west to Vermont ?? Or vice versa? Do you have some favorite stops we should make?
    Thank you for your wonderful pictures, they inspire me❤
    Las Vegas Nevada

    • Hi Pat, If you start in Acadia then you might only find some remaining color, which won’t be too bad. I think as of right now we’ll see the leaves hanging on (barring big storms) longer. But they don’t hold on forever. If you start in SW VT and head east by north then you will be in Acadia around the 20th and you should be good. Spend a few days there and proceed south into MA and RI or CT.

  7. Jeff, I look forward to reading about ypur travels and love your photography. Seeing the pictures you post makes me want to come back soon. Unfortunately we won’t be able to come up this fall but we’re hoping for 2018 until then I can live my dream of being there through your stories of your adventures & your photos.

    Thanks for your blog & website,
    Kathy Aiken

  8. I found your blog as we began to plan our New England fall foliage trip for 2017 with 3 couples from the Pacific Northwest. It has been inspiring and informative!! Thank you for sharing the beauty and knowledge of the area.


  9. I love your beautiful fall foliage photos! They bring me back to New England, where I lived for twenty-five years and raised my family in the hills of Connecticut. I miss everything about New England, now that I live in Tucson, and your photos help me remember that wonderful region I think of as home.

  10. been following you for years starting with yankee magazine! absolutely love your work! i’m from mass but live in fl & following your blogs & admiring your pictures made me feel like i was there. thank you for that. i live about a mile & a half from the beach here & hardly get the chance to go myself. looking forward to this years pictures & blog
    thank you for sharing!
    darlene corcoran
    gulfport, fl

  11. I love your posts. I’ve been to Vermont a few times in the fall,all by myself and I love hope to go again this year.

  12. Jeff,

    I can easily relate to your tendency to put off doing something that, with just a bit of effort, would reinvigorate me and feed my soul. I live in Tampa, just 25 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the US. But do I go? Nope… I haven’t seen the Gulf of Mexico in four years! I hang my head in embarrassment. Perhaps confessing this will prompt me to visit this weekend…hope springs eternal!

    I enjoy your reports on autumn in New England. I’ve been fortunate enough to go up the last fifteen years, and your suggestions have guided some of my visits in recent years. Thanks for sharing your passion for the glories of New England in the fall. I live in FL but my heart is in New England.

    George Lukacs

  13. Hi Jeff,

    I found your blog in early 2015, when a friend and I were planning a New England trip for that fall. It was such a help, knowing what to expect! And reading your blog added to our excitement and anticipation for our visit. Our trip was wonderful—-we are from California and it was our first time in New England—-the fall colors were absolutely beautiful everywhere we went! I have followed your blog since then. It’s fun to see and recognize some of the places we visited in your photos. We are hoping to get back to New England some time soon for another great experience. Thank you!


  14. Hello Jeff.
    I use your updates to inspire where to go for the best fall foliage when I arrive at Boston Logan to pick up a rental car at the end of september and heading to Vermont spending a week or so.

  15. My first trip to New England for fall foliage will be this October and I do appreciate your photography tips, Mr. Foliage (if that is your real name!) Thanks!

  16. Good morning Jeff!
    My wife and I have been following you for over 2 years now. Nothing beats these Hot dry days in Colorado with the hopeful expectations of fall in New England again. We’ve already booked our plans for late September however we have to get through the 100 degree days of July and August first. Your pictures cool us down just imagining being back to NH, VT and ME! Please include us in your “Comment to win” for June!
    Eric & Holly Robel
    Arvada, CO

  17. Hello Jeff! We’re so ready for Fall, I simply endure our TX summers as a means to an end; with that end finding me in New England with any luck! Hope when you do find yourself at the beach, you capture some beautiful shots and enjoy the sand, sun & of course, some fun!

  18. So far this year, I have neglected some landscaping in the backyard and the edge of the woods on one side of my yard. I really do need to get to it before Fall. I hope that, when I retire, I will have both pecan trees and beautiful maples there. It just seems that something comes up every weekend. Maybe I’ll get around to it in the next several weeks. I really enjoy the wonderful photos!

  19. In a little less than 4 months my wife and I will be traveling half way across this great country to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We are both extremely excited about seeing something that we have never seen in person before and we both hope that the colors will be in full bloom, if not I am sure that this trip will be much better than going to work

  20. Hi Jeff
    the beach….here in Ohio the beach is pretty far away-15 hours. We do have numerous lakes with man made shipped in sand beaches but I think it’s just not the same experience. What have I not gotten done this summer? For me, that would be that I have still not gone kayaking. We did totally miss strawberry picking this year. I also wanted to go visit Cedar Bog to see the spring flowers there. Cedar Bog is the largest and best calcareous bog or fen in Ohio. You would say it was a photographer’s special place.
    I also hope to find time to do some long walks in our many parks around the Dayton area. It’s still June!
    Hope you find time to get to the beach!

    Lisa and Glen-Journey Productions on Etsy and @JourneyProducti

  21. Hi Neglecting to do walking programme in evenings in order to be fit for long hikes in the fall. Too tired after a day’s work,same as you and many others,therefore unmotivated. A poor excuse ,but ……

  22. Jeff,

    I do enjoy your blog about New England fall foliage, even though I am a Southerner. Fall is a great season weather-wise for New England.

    Jack Eaton
    Winston-Salem, NC

  23. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve followed you for a few years now for the fall foliage reports for my holiday there from Ireland. Even the years I haven’t been lucky enough to go to New England I go onto your blog to marvel at the beautiful photos and picture myself there 🙂 Your photos are stunning and really cheer me up, in fact I may have posted some onto my own facebook page. Keep doing such a great job you bring lots of beauty into so many lives.


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