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Fall Foliage Primer for Leaf-Peeping — 10 Comments

  1. I am coming up from Missouri the first week of October and Stowe VT is my main point but would like to know of routes close by to view as well. Thanks!

    • Well first you need a good map book, order the New Hampshire/Vermont Gazetteer ($16 + sh) click here Then look at route 108 up through Smuggler’s Notch on the northside head east on 15 and then south. Do this early in the morning to get fog shots and you’ll find a fair amount of farms to shoot. Keep coming down 15 and you’ll be in Wolcott and see the old covered train bridge. pull over and photograph.
      Now up in the upper right corner of this and most pages you’ll find a magnifying glass. type in Vermont or a particular route number and it will give you your homework. I’ve written hundreds of articles and I do expect you to do some reading. But I do answer questions from time to time… 🙂

  2. thank you Jeff for your advice. this will be a long trip but very much worth it.

  3. If coming up from Blairsville, GA to see the leaves, what route would you suggest. I really want to see Vermont and anywhere else is just a bonus. Also, when would you suggest we start our journey. Thanks

    • Well getting up here is my best advice. I assume you are driving but since I don’t know your roads and which is the best, here are my thoughts. I think catching 85 out of Atlanta and catch 26 at Spartanburg and take it up to Route 81 north to Harrisburg PA. Stay on 81 Scranton PA and then switch to 84 East. Maybe 87 north at this point through Albany and then continue north to route 74 east to Ticonderoga (Scenic Fort there) and then take the ferry across Lake Champlain. Continue north east on 74 into Vermont and you can pick up Route 7 at Middlebury which is a small college town.
      Now if at this point it is early in Oct, you will head north to Stowe or maybe even past Stowe tot he NorthEast Kingdom.
      If at this point it’s the 5-10th then don’t go any furth than Stowe and make plans for a drive up through Smugglers notch, over route 15 and back south towards Joe’s pond. Please hit my Vermont page ( for some of my thoughts on places.

      I hope this helps.

  4. Jeff,

    GREAT writing! I really enjoy your writings/recommendations/reports. Thanks so much. My wife and I we’re fortunate to visit New England in the fall many years ago and may never be able to visit again. But the memories are great and we have your eyes and writing to visit again. Much of what you share applies wherever you live (Tennessee) or wherever you may travel. Thanks for sharing.


  5. My vacation is planned for Oct 2-18. Summglet’s notch Vt. 2-6, Lincoln Nh 6-10, Rockport Maine 11-13, Bershires 13-18. I have read so many of your blogs and feel I will hopefully see color! Taking my time driving around, exploring, etc. Your thoughts.

    • Well if you are asking my thoughts, the only bit that will worry me is the last leg. I think for the most part you will find decent color in the lower elevations of the Berkshires but you may end up a slight bit further south. So if your reservations are set for the Berkshires then be prepared to head down Route 7 to Stockbridge and that zone. A lot depends on what happens over the summer.
      For the most part, I think we are looking good right now but we could take some hits in other areas. But it’s too early to tell right now.

  6. I really enjoy your blog! Planning an RV trip with a friend and will be in MA in mid-Oct so I’m looking forward to your reports and the colors start popping.
    Thanks for your good guidance!

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