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Fall foliage winner! — 4 Comments

  1. Agree with Sue = the Back To School signs/windows/fashions- I completely remember planning all summer for what I might want to shop for my new school clothes… and even now when I see the Fall Sweaters I get excited that I can go to New England and wear a sweater!

  2. The first sign of Fall for me is when I see Sam Adams Octoberfest beer on the shelves. Here in Maryland it’s usually around mid-August. Once I see them I know Fall is just around the corner. Nothing like an Octoberfest and a nice cigar while grilling on a chilly Autumn evening. I can’t wait.

    • Oh, that does sound good… except for the cigar. My Dad liked them but I never took to them but I do like the fancy wood cigar boxes. 🙂 I would like the grilling, the beer and how about the smell of an early fire in the fireplace? Or outdoor fire to cook marshmallows around.

  3. “Back to School ” signs in stores for getting new school uniform. Nostalgic Enjoy your Candy when you get it !!!

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