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Fall forecast for June 2017 — 5 Comments

  1. Planning a visit October 10 through 17; good time for Kancamagus Highway? When will we be able to confirm airline?

    • 10-11th maybe but later not so much. I’ve seen it good between 1 Oct and 10 Oct (in different years) but I would hit it asap and then think about the lakes region and points more southerly. I usually say, south of the whites by the 15-18th of Oct. I won’t say there will be no color up in the Whites but there won’t be much.
      Good foliage hunting!

  2. Good information as always- well researched! For those who have been or have not been to New England- October is glorious in New England- so much to enjoy- festive towns -cider donuts etc ! Thanks again Jeff for the updates!

  3. Hi Jeff , we never know what Mother Nature will have in store for us this fall season . We all want that perfect bright autumn colors but as you know too many factors are involved and all have to fall ( sorry ) into place . Always love your site and your comments , your pal from Capture My Vermont Richard Capen Jr .

  4. Yes have been to beach. One other factor could be snow in October which happened one year the week after we left .It would have been during the last two weeks in October and we missed it by a few days.
    Apparently unusual but …. Also had what the locals called a tropical storm one year whilst driving down the “Kanc” It took a good few leaves off but were still plenty left. Love your expertise, look forward to the next installment.

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