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July fall foliage comment to win — 36 Comments

  1. I agree on the coastal areas that time of year. I live in Plympton, MA so I abut Carver, Middleboro and almost Plymouth. What I really love about the fall in this area (SE Mass and the Cape) is it’s cranberry harvest time! The foliage around a bog may not be as spectacular as up north (many pines and scrub oak), but add a sea of red cranberries on a flooded bog with a bright blue sky and puffy clouds as a backdrop and you have some beautiful scenery ….especially for photos 🙂

    • I agree 100%, I was down in carver a while back and I thought the bog was just great. It even had little peepers (small tree frogs) sitting on the berries…
      That is a great red…
      Cranberries in Carver Massachusetts. New England fall foliage

  2. No matter how you look at it, upside down or right side up, Fall in New England can’t be beat.

  3. And I would be right behind you!!…i wonder if we can lobby for such a rule

  4. Autumn in New England is the best= I don’t know if there is a word for someone who wants to migrate to New England for 4-6 weeks during Autumn but if there were and my job would allow it i would definitely be there! Never get enough of the crisp air, wearing a sweater and seeing the leaves change!

  5. At a young 18 years of age, I moved and lived in the south from 1983 to 2008. I missed the four seasons so much I would take vacation by what the seasons were back “home” in north central Pennsylvania. Now I am back here living again and love most of the seasons, the winters are still very hard to adjust to, don’t believe I ever will adjust. When I retire (or even before if I can telecommute for work) I will be come a “snow bird” and fly south for the winter. I love spring, but I love fall too. The glorious colors of fall are so vibrant! It’s like our mother earth is giving us a big blow out before everything dies and becomes dormant and gray. I look forward to a very colorful fall in 2017!!! Thanks for your blog Jeff. I have learned a lot from it and will continue to follow it. April

    • My wife would love to join you. I still have to have a day job to pay for the house here… But If I win the lottery, Florida or Arizona here we come… 🙂

  6. I’m excited to say that we will be making our first visit to the northeast for fall foliage. We are looking forward to seeing all the beautiful autumn colors that we haven’t see since we left Missouri and moved to Arizona in 1987. Thanks for sharing all the fine pictures.

  7. Grew up in the Midwest and moved to Vermont 32 years ago. Not so fond of winters, but their is nothing as beautiful as fall in the Northeast. Never too soon to start thinking about the beautiful colors to come.

  8. We are planning our first trip to Vermont this fall, certainly hope to see great foliage!

  9. Hello all !

    born and raised in south florida – never seen snow fall, much less the fall colors 🙁
    planning to take off end of october 25th to 30th. those specific 5 days is all i can spare from work, and i realize it is a bit late. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? i am hoping the colors/fall that is predicted to come in “late”.. can still catch them in more southern regions?

    Perhaps flying in (one way) a car drive south… and fly back home to florida from another state. kindly advise – any tips are helpful.

    if not, then i have to replan those 5 days and head over to the good ol’ beaches of the caribbean 🙂

    • Well there is something to be said for those white sand beaches but the fall colors down there are horrid… 🙂
      You will want to travel the coastal areas. Salem is usually great about that time and into the first week of November. Carver, Plymouth MA, Tiverton RI and into Essex CT and finally Mystic Seaport CT. All these areas are gorgeous about that time (or should be)…

      Anyone else with ideas???

  10. We’re coming to New England is mid-September for 2 weeks to visit grandchildren in Groton CT. This blog site will prove invaluable in keeping our expectations for the foliage in line!

  11. I think I love looking at your pictures. They take me back to some of the most breathtaking country I’ve ever seen. I was lucky enough for my sister-in-law to take me my first time 2 years ago. I doubt I ever get to go again, but through your eyes and camera I get to see it again. Keep up the great work. I love it!

  12. I get excited when I start seeing Fall items out on the store shelves! Because I LOVE Fall, it’s never too early to start putting it out! Of course I haven’t been able to convince my “summer lovin” friends of that though
    I am planning a Fall Foliage road trip to Vermont from Missouri the first week of October but not quite sure of the best routes to sight see once there….any suggestions for a “first timer”?

  13. I think the wind catcher is pretty and I would like to win it.

  14. this is the most beautiful picture we are taking our first trip to New England Oct. 4 – 17 hoping to see the sights and colors that I have enjoyed on your website.

    • Well Merilee, where are you coming from? Oct 4-17 are great dates but where are you planning on being? For the earlier week try Vermont from Stowe to Woodstock. In New Hampshire, Stark to Conway and in Maine Rangeley over to Errol.
      Later week try Woodstock south to the border on Mass. In New Hampshire Conway, Center Sandwich and Ossipee and down around Lake Winnipesaukee. In Maine Lake Sebago over to the coast near Harpswell…

      These are just suggestions and not hard and fast rules and keep up with the blog for updates…

  15. Hi Jeff! Looking forward to fall, counting the days actually! The days of cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, and exploring the woods in nature’s most riveting display of the year. Can’t wait!! Love your work!

  16. I can hear the New Hampshire fall foliage calling our names already. Have a trip booked to Gorham the first week in October. Can’t wait.

  17. I’m new to your blog…this is great!!! Autumn is my favorite time of year and I look forward to following you and your foliage posts.

  18. We’re coming to Connecticut from San Diego CA mid-September and returning on September 26th. This will be our first of many trips to the area since our grandchildren relocated to Groton CT from Honolulu this winter with their mom and dad. Your blogspot will be helpful in gauging what we can expect from the foliage during our stay.

    • Well, the weather should be wonderful, I’m sure you will have a great time but the fall colors… well they may be a little light. You see the fall colors start in Mid Oct in CT. This isn’t to say you won’t see some early fall colors, I just would hold my breath on seeing a lot of fall color… a tree here or a branch there… Sorry… Say hi tot he kids! 🙂

  19. The closer it gets to September the happier I am. Labor Day has always signaled fall to me and since I haven’t been back to New England in 5 years I’m getting really antsy this year. We’ve got our days picked to start the road trip and it’s really hard not to start packing. I’m more than ready for the leaves to start their annual ritual of showing us just how magnificent nature is.

  20. Your photo above displays the full spectrum of Autumn’s luscious jewel tones of garnet red, ruby, deep emerald green, citron, coral, zircon, and aquamarine — all mirrored in the pond’s deep reflection.

  21. Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the colored leaves. it might be a bit early to put out fall stuff but most stores are like Michales, they get ready early to stay ahead. I love to see the fall stuff.

  22. What??? Halloween already??? I think late September is an acceptable time to put that out…..I have been seeing tiny leaves of color falling here in Vermont. Just random leaves here and there, I know they are just stressed leaves, but I will take any sign of my favorite season coming up!

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