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July Fall Foliage Forecast — 18 Comments

  1. NewEngland. com put out its Fall forecase today, August 22, saying it will be a normal season in terms of when foliage progresses, and they include an interactive map. Do you agree? I am getting conflicting forecasts from and the foliagenetwork based upon their past reports archive. Foliagenetwork seems to show a later progression over past year actual reports than New interactive map. Any observations on this?

    • Fall foliage on Salem Common
      This image is NOT current…
      I just checked their live foliage map and as always either people are jokers and make a report that the leaves are turning or someone is seeing a few leaves turning and figure they want to be first and mark the map as turning.
      When I tell you it’s turning, then it’s because photographers or people “I Know” are making reports to me that the trees, in fact, have really started turning.
      Heck, just today on I-95 I saw to swamp maples either partially red or fully red. But this is nothing more than two trees out of thousands that have turned. We will continue to see trees turn either as single leaves or branches or in rare cases, whole trees.

      There will always be conflicts. The last few years have been drought years and that turns the leaves late and stresses the trees. If the temps drop down at night we may see it really turn early. The trees turn for a number of factors. 1st is the shortening of the day, 2nd is the cooler temps. If we get a cold zone over New England where the whole area is uniformly cool or cold? Well then all bets are off and we will see the colors changing across all 6 states at the same time…

      Talk about frustrated photographers and all bets and predictions are out the window. Barring that I “ASSUME” it will start up north and work it’s way south and you should do the same. You can try to stay ahead of it but this is usually a lousy guessing game to play. I get close but I also live in MA so I don’t have far to go.
      Generally, I think you should be up north around 25 Sept and then work your way south.

  2. I would like to make a video or slide show of a beautiful fall foliage trail to give viewers a feeling of being there. I will be starting out in Manchester on October 10, traveling north through the lakes country and then White Mountains of New Hampshire, then over to Rangely Lakes area and from there to Belfast Me where I’ll be taking trips out from there where I have relatives. Can you think of some trails you have been on in those areas that have a lot of colorful trees and maybe a stream nearby? Also can you suggest a guidebook or web site that would have hiking trails in these areas?

  3. Oh I missed the covered bridge articles before. Thank you.
    I like the suggestion on where to start. We just came back from doing the road to Hana so we love adventurous drives. 🙂
    So which October week do you recommend since you have had more rain – again I know it is a guess?

    • Trying to nail down an exact date is like trying to nail jello to the wall… 2 October can be very nice up north… North of the Green Mountains and north of the White Mountains. The temps have not been all that warm as of late and up in the North East Kingdom on the Canadian border, they have had some night time temps in the 40s… Opps I was saving that for my next foliage report… 🙂

  4. Love your site and beautiful pics. So for 2017, my husband and I are planning a trip to New England. We love scenic driving, fall foliage, and covered bridges. We are not sure which week in October will be “peak” for the foliage, and while no one can predict the future, here in Virginia, fall “peak” seems to be about 3 days. In New England, we will be driving all over and could follow the peak perhaps. I did look at your recommended trips and don’t miss items, but any other suggestions on where to start / end and which week. Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 16???? The struggle….
    We also thought flying in to Boston might be nice and then driving all around, but open to suggestions on that too.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • It’s continuous or as Mel Allen at Yankee Magazine says, it’s a continuum meaning that near the end of September it sweeps down from Canada into Nothern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. As we move into October it moves southward. If we have decent moisture (and we have) the leaves stay on longer and we can end up with quite a show. (I think we will in much of New England)
      You can start in the North East Kingdom of Vermont and the slide east into NH and back into VT or even more adventurous do up in Baxter Maine then down into Moosehead lake to Rangeley. But get an upgrade on a car for a four wheel drive jeep.
      Flying into Boston or Manchester NH is a great way to shorten your drive time but you have to balance the cost of a rental and watch the mileage contract since you could go over and that can cut down on your fun.

      Check my Covered bridge articles under the foliage articles…

  5. Hi Jeff, this is a great site, my husband and I are planning for Stowe and White Mountain either Oct 3-5 or Oct 10-12. Which dates would you think is better bet?

  6. Hi Jeff. Your site is great and so helpful. Do you mind a question? My wife and I (from Alabama) are planning our first trip up the Maine coast, up to Belfast and the surrounding areas. It would be from October 18th to the 22nd. In your opinion, are we likely to see bright maple colors still or is that too late?

    • Nope, that should be a good solid time providing all things go as normal. Mother Nature could always throw a curve ball but those dates are ones I would use.

  7. Thanks, Jeff! We are bringing our son and daughter-in-law with us this year. It is a first time visit for both of them and they are major excited. We will be in the NEK, Great North Woods and Acadia National Park. I am certain we will see fabulous color along the way. Last year the Great North Woods was spectacular! Thanks again for your detailed forecast!!!

  8. Like your posts and love your photos. sarc/humor all okay. Live in CA 🙁 Drove 3 hr to view fall foliage last yr. Want to come to NE this fall to celebrate 40th anniv. Not familiar with N east at all so doing lots of reading. Any tips on where to start would be appreciated. TY

  9. Good report..thanks! I am anxiously awaiting the first day of Fall and the beautiful colorful leaves! My feelings can currently be equated to a child looking forward to Christmas morning! Hahaha!

  10. Was there in 2012 and as you say it was a great year .This year sounds as though it’s shaping up so will be lucky again. Love all the technicalities of your reports and those images are awesome.Cant wait to get there and it all to begin.

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