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The Zen of Fall Foliage — 5 Comments

  1. I’m addicted to fall foliage in New England. I live in Arkansas but have come up to New England the past 2 Years in October. I may live in Arkansas but my heart is in New England. I love the beautiful colors and all the rich history there. Yours pictures are beautiful & I always look forward to reading your blog. You are one blessed man to live where you do and make a living by doing what you love. You do a great job!

  2. the best part of Fall Foliage in New England- aside from discovering new places- new scenic spots- or new ponds with reflections or just enjoying a new restaurant or local stand- is seeing it thru the eyes of someone who has never been there- I love sharing the joy of discovery- of the aha moment that the reds are really that red- and the carpet of colors is there to see with your own eyes- I never tire of that. I guess that is why I continue to enjoy taking others and sharing those moments!

  3. I believe that you are dead on when you speak of sharing a fall trip with some one…I enjoy traveling with my wife Mary.We really enjoy discovering a special foliage view or just stopping some place and sharing a snack before heading to the next foliage spot. It is about the overall experience to us and ,yes ,we like everyone else, love to visit an area that is at peak foliage. We also like to visit areas that we have seen in past years just to compare the differences from year to year… We are looking forward to another trip to Vermont,New York, New Hampshire and Maine again this October 2017…Viewing fall foliage does get in your blood!!!!

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