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August Comment to Win-New England Fall Foliage — 65 Comments

  1. Great picture. I have just started following your blog. We are going camping in Meredith, NH Labor day weekend. Do you think we will see some good foliage?

    • I am sure you will see foliage as defined by Websters:
      Definition of foliage
      1: a representation of leaves, flowers, and branches for architectural ornamentation The door frame was decorated with beautifully carved foliage.

      I think there is a very good chance that there will be some trees in color but I doubt much in the area of Meredith will have turned fully by then. Meredith is the Lakes region and I usually say that will turn about 2 weeks later.

  2. Such beautiful pictures! We are looking forward to seeing the fall colors in your area this fall. This will be a first experience for my husband. We plan to spend several weeks in the New England states to see the best of the best. Thank you for your neat website!

  3. hi jeff, just stumbled on your page from the New England page. wiring from California and my husband and I re planning a fall foliage road trip to New England, our first, this November. this scene shows exactly what we would like to see during our visit!! lisa

    • November will be good along the coast of MA, RI and CT and into New York. Even in Salem I will see some moody colors in the first few days if we don’t get any storms. But for further north into NH and VT then you will want to do October.

  4. I’m originally from a state without true Autumns, so now I take annual Fall Foliage Trips all over the US! Your photos give me so much inspiration and help in deciding where to go this year. Thanks.

  5. YOU: I’d love to hear what you think!

    ME: I think I love you! Errrr, I mean I love everything about your Fall Foliage blog and your insights into all things to do with experiencing the majesty of each year’s glories, whether in person or via your artist’s lens.

    In short, I think I should just go back to my first thought! 😉

  6. I’ve been following your site for a few years…ever since my daughter enrolled in college in New Jersey. We have visited several times, always missing the foliage! BUMMER! Its a lifelong wish to see! So, curious of your thoughts on what the foliage might be in late September, early October?? Beautiful pictures!

    • Are we talking New Jersey? Then mid to late Oct would be better. Up in New England you will want to be up near the northern areas in late Sept and in early Oct it’s into the White Mtns. The Green Mtns, (northern parts) and northern ME.

  7. Hoping that we aren’t back to El nino. It seems every year is El Nino now…lol! Thanks for the articles….keep ’em coming. I have to head over to your FB page now…

  8. I love Fall.. most of all
    Finalizing my trip to where your camera has taken me in my imaginations. Looking forward to absorbing the colors, aromas and experiences of a New England Autumn in every sense imaginable.

  9. Your photography is exquisite! I wish it were fall year round but with your page I can just pretend it is! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  10. As you know , i’m a huge fan! follow you on fb , instagram & tweeter! Can’t get enough!!! Thank you Jeff for sharing everything you capture…

  11. Hi there from Manchester UK! We are excitedly following your posts looking forward to our first trip to New England this autumn! We will be coming to celebrate my 40th birthday and literally can’t wait. Your posts are adding to our excitement! We wanted to come for our honeymoon 10 years ago but bought a house instead so we have waited long enough

  12. I’d like to win. I won’t be able to go back east this fall. But really have appreciated all of your wonderful ideas of things to see during prior years.

  13. Looking forward to my trip to the Berkshires this October! I can’t wait. How do you feel about the last week in Sept into beginning October before Columbus Day?

  14. Hi Jeff,
    This is our second year of reading and following your trip, tips and pictures. We are sure to come back this fall (hopefully not too late) the first week of October. Can’t wait.

  15. Here in Texas the temps are back up to 100 deg! Looking forward to returning to New England for the first 2 weeks of October. This will be our 6th trip in the last 20 years. As usual, we appreciate your perspective and sage advice about leaf peeping.

  16. This article, brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Thinking of fall memories visiting my grandparents outside of Boston. beautiful colors and piles of peek and past leaves to jump in when I was little, along with baskets of Macintosh apples. 41 days away YA!

  17. Your art work is stunning. We are from Texas and have a 2nd trip planned for the Blue Ridge Parkway!!!

  18. Already reminiscing about the spectacular fall foliage in the White Mts. a year ago! Can’t wait to be up there again this year knowing
    it is different from one year to the next. But, always, a grand and soul filling experience. Bring it on!

  19. Hey Jeff! I have not been to our local Michaels store but I was pleasantly surprised to see several stores now have Mum plants out already!! I did think it may be a little too warm out for them but I couldnt help myself and picked up a couple anyway hahah…early reminder that fall is around the corner! Woo hoo!!!

  20. Hi. We are going to be in the Stowe Vermont area the last week in September. Do you think we might be able to see some fall color that early?

  21. I am so glad I managed to find your website. We are taking a cruise Oct 11 to 23 on Vision of the Seas, RCC. I can’t wait to see beautiful New England and its Fall colors.

  22. I am new to this site, but I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for posting updates and for the most beautiful fall foliage pictures I have ever seen. This is my first year of being a “leaf peeper”. I am counting down the days until I head up to New England to see the beautiful colors in person.

  23. It has been a goal to make the New England trip in the Fall, but just like the leaves that fall, that goal has changed each Fall! But, still on my Bucket List!!!

  24. I love following this! Can’t wait to visit New England in late Sept through first part of Oct!!!!! Our first time out East!

  25. Hi Jeff, I just want to tell you how very much I enjoy your photography and blogs! I also have a deep love for New England and the gorgeous foliage, and my hope is to live there in two years when my hubby retires. I’ve lived in Southern California since I was 5 years old, and I have never had the feeling of “HOME” like I do when visiting New England. Thank you for brightening my days with all your beautiful photos, you are amazing! <3

  26. Your photography is breathtaking, we are actually making our first trip to the New England states this Oct. I am hoping to be able to explore some of the places I have read about

  27. I love your website and your emails!! We were able to spend 2 weeks last October in your glorious area. I do so want to come back but money is always the issue. We live in Southern California which I love but seeing the fall colors and visiting the six states were a bucket list thing for me. My favorite was Maine!!! Thanks for keeping the memories alive for me!!!

  28. Thank you for doing this blog. I followed it last year and I’m following again this year. It’s very useful for planning our trips from Alabama to New England. Thank you for providing great information!

  29. I’m loving your photos and reports! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  30. 47 days until we are back in Vermont! You have become my go-to for all things New England, and I love being able to tell others about your Leaf Peeper blog! We did enjoy a few days of cooler weather this month in Texas, so thanks for sending the cool! We look forward to enjoying much cooler weather in New England in late September/early October. I’ll be watching for updates and any details for Vermont and Maine. Thanks!

  31. I am planning my first trip to New England in the fall this year. Your photos have made me so excited to see some of these Vista views in person.

  32. My sister and I will be heading up to Vermont from N. Georgia around the first week of October. Of course we will be keeping up with the weather and leaf peeping info because we don’t want to be too early or too late. If you have any insider info about the best dates to be there, please share them with us. Thank you

  33. We’re spending some time with friends in Northern California and already I’m spotting some leaf changing. It was a wet and rainy year for us. Perhaps the extra moisture speeded up the process. Looking forward to seeing what New England has in store for us mid-September.

  34. I love your windcatcher & I would LOVE one of your gallery pieces for over my fireplace!
    We’re taking our first New England Fall Too late trip in October & I wish you had already written your book!

  35. Found you as we began planning our fall trip to your area which we will take in October. We’ve never been to New England and are quite excited! Hope to see your work in person then. Michael’s?? In my opinion – it’s too early… of course down here in the south – it never cools until late October or early November.

  36. This year my girlfriend an I should have go on a trip to visit New England once more but job duties got on our way so we had to reschedule for the next year, your photos (photos like these) help us to be patient and enjoy the memories waiting for our next trip. Thank you Jeff!

  37. I’ll take some magic that could make Texas experience an actual fall this year! I havnt been to New England in the fall in two years and need to get back!

  38. The images you capture, the vivid colors you reflect, it all just makes me miss home so much but at least I have something visually stimulating to get me by!❤️

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