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Fall foliage Forecast for August 2017 — 53 Comments

  1. We are coming to Maine oct 18-24th. What are the chances we will see colorful leaves this late?

  2. Jeff,
    My husband and I will be traveling from Arkansas to the NE in a couple of weeks. We are flexible on dates and would like to be there during the peak of fall colors. We will be driving, so I am wondering which route we need to take from Niagara toward Vermont eventually ending up at Acadia National Park, to see the best colors. We have a couple of weeks and enjoy taking the back roads.


    • Going up to Canada is not the best bet as the colors start there and move south like a wave. If you have to then do so but I wouldn’t delay along the way. I would come down into New York and take a ferry across Lake Champlain near Fort Ticonderoga (also a great tour to be had there) and then you will be south of the Shelburne Museum in VT. Stop there. Cross the Green Mountains and either head up to Stowe on Route 100 or is the color has passed by, try Woodstock VT. head across to the Lakes Region of Lake Winnipesaukee, try Tamworth and Sandwich NH for covered bridges.
      Proceed to Maine and try Coos Canyon (on route 17) for a quick stop and it’s fun to explore. And proceed to the coast and head North to Acadia…

  3. hi jeff we are planning to go by motorcycles any weekend from now until end of October coming from saratoga, ny. when and where should we go to see good color in Vermont?

  4. Hey Jeff,
    I understand that later weekend would be peak at most of places. I have only dates available as 29 September to 2 October. Will I see peak at any places or those will be close to peak ?

    • With those dates you will be in the North East Kingdom of VT or northern NH to see good color stay tuned to the website and I will try to keep the reports coming

  5. With storms heading to the US, it’s anything goes. Hopefully, by the time we arrive Oct 12, we will still be able to enjoy the breathtaking colors.

    Thanks for all your truly appreciated info.

  6. Thanks for the updates! Southeast NH around the seacoast region? When do you think would be a good time to go in that area in October? Thank you so much! My fiancé and I are wanting get married in this area actually when the colors are hopefully at their best 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for the update. Well, Vermont not a very big state (remember, I’m from Texas), so I can drive further north if need be. We’ll just have to see how everything goes.

  8. Jeff, I am going to be up in that region in Oct. I will be driving from NYC to Pittsfield, MA on Oct. 9th, and plan to take a day trip to the SW corner of Vermont on Oct. 12th. Do you think there will be much color left in that region then? Also, do you have any opinions on whether I should drive up on the E or W side of the Hudson. It looks like the drive on the W side might be more interesting and only takes about 15-20 minutes longer. I am from Dallas, Texas and we don’t get much fall color here, so I’m really hoping that I timed this right and didn’t plan it too late. In any case, I am very excited to be seeing this part of the country for the first time. Was even thinking of extending my drive into Albany and have lunch there.

    • Well Mary Jo, the question is normally more like, will the colors have arrived by then to southern VT. If this fall is like last year I would say maybe not. This year I say more likely yes it will. It depends on much what the next 3-4 weeks give us. 30 days of rain and gloom then none of us would be very happy.

      Luckily I don’t see that happening and the big jokers in the deck are Irma and the other hurricanes that are forming in the Atlantic any one of those can ruin our foliage season.

  9. Hi Jeff, We are planning to go VT & NH on Sept 23-26th and wanted to ask if this would be a best (or good) timing to see the foliage. Arriving in Burlington Airport and visiting VT (Stowe/Route100) NH (White Mountain). Waiting for you advise. Thank you !

    • I think as of now you may see pretty good color but only if the fall temps keep to the cool side in Sept. I’m not positive the full colors will show that early but if they do then it will be in the Northern parts of VT and NH.

  10. My husband and I are thinking of heading out to see the colors. We have either Sept 12-14 or Oct 18-20. Which days do you think would be more likely to see good colors? my husband had never seen them before. Thanks for any input!!

    • With only those two sets of dates, I’ll have to go with the latter. But not up in NH or VT but in Massachusetts or Connecticut. I think up north will be all gone by the later dates and no color to be seen by next week… or at least not much unless you go to Canada…

  11. Hi Jeff, I am arriving in Boston on Oct. 26 and am planning on staying on Cape Anne for the long weekend (we have B&B reservations). I really want to see some pretty colors as I have never been to New England in the fall. Do you think I will see some fall colors on Cape Anne or should we change plans and drive south? Staying on the coast and seeing fall color are the two goals on this trip. In either case (driving north or south) can you give me some specific places that we might get good photos. I read your post saying not to expect sweeping views in this area. I had booked a room in New Hampshire on the lake, but my son who we are visiting vetoed that for the coast. I hope I don’t regret changing plans!

    • If you don’t and I think you will, driving down into Salem and south along the shore should provide some great colors or into Essex CT and take a steam train ride through the fall colors there.

  12. Hey Jeff!
    Thanks for the great information and insight here!
    I’ve been planning a trip New England and Nova Scotia for this year and I found that we are expecting early peak foliage times for this area (by 1 week at least). I’ve also read your articles, but I wasn’t entirely sure if you agree with this. Do you think the great smoky website prediction is up to date and accurate?
    Thanks again!


    • Hi Paul, I hope to God they aren’t even close. That would be scary if accurate. I thought at first that was a page from the Smoky Mountains National Park but that is a mere tourism site and not really the National Park. I’m a National Park Ranger and it had me wondering. In looking at their diagram though I would say what it shows for 10-17 Sept should be closer to what we really get on 1 October.

      So no I don’t agree with it

  13. If you were a gambling man….would you climb the presidential traverse the last weekend of Sept or the first weekend in Oct for best color? Thank you!

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks a lot for the information you are putting here for us.
    I am planning for white mountains, NH on Sep,30 weekend, how much chances are there for a good foliage colors?

  15. Thank you, Jeff. Also, thank you for your most recent post about donations to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts–I live in Houston. Saturday night I was vacation planning and Sunday morning I woke up to doctors kayaking down my flooded street to get to work. I’m safe & dry but it has been a devastating few days for my community.

    • We all get devastating weather from time to time, sometimes we just need a helping hand. I tried to imagine what it would be like and it sent shivers up my spine.

  16. I’m coming into Connecticut to work on October 30. Would love to fly in a few days earlier (to any airport in New England) to catch some foilage views while making my way to Connecticut. I’d be okay driving and staying overnight in locations along the way….just to pull into Watertown, CT by Monday.
    I was considering flying into Burlington, VT and taking my time driving down. Will that be too far north to start and get the most color that time of year?

  17. Hi Jeff, will be traveling to Portland, Maine on a bus tour and arriving the evening of the 23rd of Oct. can we expect to see beautiful foliage and nice weather for four continuous days?

  18. We are traveling from CA and WA to see the fall colors 13 days arriving in Boston on Oct.3 and then heading up to Bar Harbor, then Conway NH, Montpelier VT, to Mystic CT, Newport RI then home on 10/17 I have been dreaming of this trip for years, I hope I picked the right weeks and route what do you think? We are to the Notch railway in Conway one day do you think we should also do the Kancamagus Hwy? and how long of a drive is that? Merilee

  19. Hi Jeff,
    Visiting Syracuse NY, approx around 10/09, your thoughts on the fall foliage. Thanks.

  20. Thanks Jeff. I’ll do a little research On this information and let you know what I come up with. Looking forward to visiting that area. I’ve heard from many people that have been there that we are in for a treat.
    Thanks again.

  21. Hi Jeff,
    My boyfriend and I plan to rent a car for about a week out of Boston but have some work constraints the first two weeks of October and can’t decide between the last week of September (Sept 27-Oct 4) or mid-October (Oct 11-Oct 18). We’re hoping to visit VT, NH, particularly near the Kankamagus Highway. Thoughts on either week?

    • I would go with the earlier dates in this particular year as I believe the color will develop a little bit earlier and it will stick around longer if we don’t get any big storms.
      Let me know how it goes.

  22. Hey, Jeff– Heading to Maine Oct 11-15. I figure it’s a big state, so hopefully I’ll find the sweet spot for leaf peeping. I really appreciate your reports and can’t wait to get up there! I am a teacher, and I take a 3-4 day Fall Foliage Trip each year somewhere in the US. This year it’s Maine. 🙂 // Chris Jenkins

  23. Hello Jeff,
    My wife and I live in Dade City, Florida and we own a condo in Pigeon Forge Tenn. We have seen the Leaf changes in that area for several years and Peak time in the Smokey Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway area have usually been second to third week in October. We are planning a trip to New England for the first time sometime in mid to late September till about October 2Nd. We need to be back home By the 4th. for a family function. I would like to have your thoughts as to where would be the best places in Vermont or Hew Hampshire to see the Best colors in this time frame. I know it might be a little early in the season but we do have these time constraints. Thanks for any advice you can give me.


  24. Great photos, Jeff! I worked all summer and intend to take Sept. and Oct. off to enjoy the beauty of Autumn. Thanks for any suggested foliage tour routes. I look forward to your reports! I met you some time ago when you came to speak to the South Shore Camera Club in Quincy. I love your enthusiasm!

    • Hi Joan, thank you for the kind words. hit my foliage routes but really from what I heard from your members, they have all really hits those back roads even more than I have but if I find any good ones, I’m happy to share…

  25. Well I´m a half full glass kind of a guy,and expects to see Vermont in the same colours as in Hitchcocks “The trouble with Harry”.

  26. Hoping the color last until the 3rd week of October, so excited to take in the autumn colors,and smells when we arrive..

  27. So, all of the above being said, we arrive in Boston form los Angeles for a Kancamagus Highway run on October 12 with a planned viewing October 15, 16 or 17. And your best guesstimate is . . . . . . . . . .

    • I still think these dates may be ok but if we get more cool temps in Sept or maybe I should say cooler temps, (we hit 47 last night) then things will start about a week earlier and you need to be prepared for a run along the Kanc and then exploring the lakes region. Have you done the Castle in the clouds? it’s quite beautiful in fall… or maybe Todd Lincolns place (Hildene) near Manchester Vermont…
      It’s really hard to see which way things go because the temps here in Salem have been cooler but until we start to see what Mother Nature is going to give us, nothing is set.

  28. Hi Jeff.
    I´m travelling from Copenhagen to Boston to experience the fall foliage from the end of september and I´m glad to see this statement in your blog:, then this will turn out to be a serious leaf peeper, dream year!

    • It could be. If you look at Texas and the hurricane that hit there… If that hits up here in October??? then the game could be over. It all depends on Mother Nature, she keeps her plans to herself…

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