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What does past peak mean in fall foliage terms? — 12 Comments

  1. I love getting back on your blog every August when the first pre-season NFL games start! Living in New Orleans, we rarely have any trees that turn any colors at all, so I live vicariously through your posts all fall. Peak, past peak, turning–they’re all beautiful to me. Thanks for the great work, and fingers crossed for a beautiful foliage season!

  2. I left a comment yesterday however, I’m unable to find it to add. Anyway, peek and past, an area of beautiful peek is so warming, but a little of past peek I find shows movement of the season.

  3. Hi, Just found your great info and awesome photos. Heading to North Conway on October 13-20. Will i be lucky? Sole purpose is photography. Any location suggestions? From SoCal so no idea on the area. If i was to go somewhere else 17-20- where would you suggest that is within a few hours? Portland? Can’t wait.. Love your photos.

  4. I remember 1997 foliage season – everything ! was peak in most of White Mtns. New Hampshire and in a large part of Vermont – all red, red, red. It was gorgeous and that was foliage Heaven for us. Our 2 week vacation was a spectacular time.

  5. Love, Love, Love the following statement: To me, if 50% of the trees have turned it’s great to see.
    To actually see 75% of all the trees in full color in one area is enough to cause heart failure.
    if I was to see 100%, then that would probably mean I’m on my way to fall foliage heaven. I’m not in a hurry for that.
    I also imagine my pathway to Heaven will be peak fall foliage lined! Great post, yet again!

  6. Coming to Kancamagus on October 14; we will, as best you can tell, be “on time?”

    • AS of right now you should be close, might be a bit past, but should still be nice. But if you can come earlier next year maybe 10 Oct… If you don’t see what you want you will only have to go south 20-40 miles into the lakes region (Conway and Tamworth) google them on my site. Your get some ideas.

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