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Tips for catching autumn reflections and more! — 9 Comments

  1. GREAT information on Fall Reflections- getting up early and marking some of these lakes-ponds is a great way to get some good images! Thanks #JeffFoliage!

  2. Thank you so much for your advice!
    Response so fast…wonderful!
    Much appreciated,
    Linda Thrasher

  3. Planning trip October 17 – 23 to Boston, Lexington & Concord…hope timing is great for foliage.
    Your thoughts? …also trying to dine at Bascom Lodge on 21 or 22!
    I appreciate hearing from you.
    Linda Thrasher

    • I think your dates of Oct 17-23 should be good but don’t waste time up front in Boston. Save that for last and head straight for Lex/Concord and then to Bascom Lodge. Don’t know the place but there should be color there but you may have to drive towards CT from the lodge. Then head to Boston as it will still be a bit early there but with many trees coloring up.

  4. Great ideas for photographing Fall color. I couldn’t find the appropriate place to post this question, so here it is. How far in advance are the best prices on airfare to Manchester Airport for arrival October 10? I have been following them, and they seem to be rising much earlier than I had anticipated.

    • I’ve never tracked airline prices into New England for fall foliage. There are some tracking sites that will tell you when they find what they feel is a deal. But the season is starting to heat up so they may only go up for now (my guess only) but they MAY drop in Late Sept after most the reservation have been made but only a guess on my part… I’m not a travel agent…

  5. As always your viewpoints, suggestions and help wih all things are priceless! Thanks again for this post. So very helpful!

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