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Too early for fall color, what to do? — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff, I love reading your blog! Thanks for all the great info. I’m going to be in the Berkshires early next week (10/9-10/11). I go every year for leaf peeping, but I usually go a little later. Going later has caused me to be after “peak” so this year I planned earlier. I’m afraid with all this warm weather that I will now be before peak this year! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


    • There are lots of issues from the record temps to Gypsy moths and leaf drop early. It’s making it tough in Massachusetts. Visit Stockbridge and drive down the little lanes, visit Yankee Candle and old deerfield. I can’t promise anything but there are beautiful barns and farms out there and along the Connecticut river I found a farmstand that sold maple creamies. (maple soft serve icecream…) heaven in my book…

  2. Drove the “kanc” today, foliage is turning, will be beautiful next week, then drove to NEK, Willoughby lake, long pond,Newport,very disappointing foliage,
    lots of mute trees, no reds at all,barely no color,..Let’s hope this is too early, but this is not looking good wright now.

  3. Are you going to give another visit to area ? If before 9/29, I will be waiting for your report.

  4. Hello Jeff…. We are coming on Thursday evening and will stay till 2nd October. Coming Thursday is going to be cooler. Does it immediate make effect on leaves or it takes few days for leaves to turn colors ? I am just wishing, if I could take few photographs before I fly out on 2nd Oct.

    • I’m hoping that by the weekend we’ll start to see some new reports but there is some ground to be made up for two plus weeks of summer weather.
      I’m hoping that before you go you get to see some nice color. Lisa just saw some nice color along I-89 at whaleback mtn ski area so look at higher elevation for the color to pick up.

  5. I wish I had known about this Covered Bridge and the schoolhouse. I was in Cabot last month.

  6. I am more of 0ption 2 and keep a couple of backup plans. Will still sight see and add in a brewery and winery as well…still looking forward to the trip out east!!!!! If i cant get colorful leaves I am still hopeful for cool fall temps though!

  7. Definitely a type 2. Even without a list of alternaye activities, we live it when our path is interrupted during Fall. Glad to see y’all make goid use of your days even things don’t go as anticipated. So much to explore and do in New England, it’s half the fun! Appreciate the details you always provide in your blog!

  8. Was wondering what Cabot was like as heading up there to meet internet friend for the first time the week after next .You must be psychic! Sounds a nice trip to do ,especially with the fact that there’s a covered bridge and Creamery involved.Thanks for the great article.

  9. There’s something new every trip. We discovered this bridge by accident last trip. A really unique little bridge and so small. Thanks for sharing.

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