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Fall Foliage Report for 12 Sept 2017 — 30 Comments

  1. Hi jeff

    thanks for this. having looked at all the sites, it looks like we’re going to be lucky and have far more colour during our 4 weeks than I’d previously hoped. After arriving in Boston tonight, we’re heading for Highway 112 tomorrow and staying in Lincoln for 2 nights, then across to Stowe for a night whilst we plan further.
    Any suggestions on what routes to take from Boston to Lincoln, or Lincoln to Stowe? I think one of your scenic drives starts just South of the Lincoln to Stowe route (the one near Highway 1), so if I can work out how to get onto it, I’ll be aiming for it!

    Thoughts on what direction you’d go from Stowe also welcome. Would Arcadia still be colourful next week, do you think?



    • I’m hearing differing opinions on the Kanc, I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of trouble finding really good color in Vermont these past two days. Check my next article (as soon as I write it) but a preview is… Head down Route 7 to Route 17 and take that over Molly Stark and little Molly Stark mountains. This is one twisty road and it was anywhere from nice to spectacular. Especially just as you get on 17 look for Lafayette road. The hills above this were at bright Peak! Most other areas you will have to explore. Route 100 was hit or miss but with cold over night temps, it will hopefully get better.

  2. Hi Jeff
    Our annual week in barlett is a little later than usual this year as we don’t arrive until 10/20. hoping this recent warm weather might give us a chance to see some decent color.What do you think. As always thanks for your help!
    Roger King

    • Normally I would say no but this year… sure why not. I suspect it will still be late for Bartlett NH but I think there will be some leaves left for you. If not head south to the lakes region or worse case come say hi to us in Massachusetts!

  3. As general rule, northern areas always peak before the southern areas, so I thought, Rangeley/Pittsburg area would see color earlier (and may be better?) than Killington area. Am I understanding it correct ?

    • I’m only saying distance travelled and bang for your buck. Those are very long distances to travel and I think you said 4 days??? I may be wrong. I’ve answered 30 messages since this morning (and I work fulltime) If you spend all day behind the windshield it makes for a tired you. and I just think getting out and exploring areas on foot are better. But it’s your call and your vacation.

  4. Hi Jeff, I want to go to lake willoughby to see the fall, I can only go the last week of Sept or wk of oct 9, driving from Philly, what do you think. Thanks

    • I think you will see early color last week of Sept and if the colors slow down due to rain and warmer temps which might happen, then the 9th will be nice also… It’s very hard to call this as there is no clear decision at this moment. The safer date would be the 9th because more of the area will be in color…

  5. Yes, definitely you helped 🙂
    It looks like, Burke should work, if we want to visit Franconia Notch, Peacham, Groton State Forest, Hardwick, Lake Willoughby area, Burke Mountain.

    I tried to understand (various) forecast maps and it looks like, North up will be better for early dates my travel dates). Can/should I consider Pittsburg, NH, Dixville Notch, Rangely Lakes, with a loop covering nearby area ?

    In either case, due to my short time, If I have choice to pick one between going up to Pittsburg, NH, Dixville Notch, Rangely Lakes AND Killington, Norwich, Woodstock NH, White Mnts, Conway NH, which area I can pick for my travel dates ? Its like, going up from St.Johnsbury vs coming down.

    • Pittsburgh is a lot of trees and a lake, Rangeley is the trees, the hills, the lake and the town but a much longer drive… If the colors are holding then it may be worth it. But if you are dropping dead from driving then don’t…

  6. Hi Jeff. Been following your posts since our trip to New England in 2014. They were a big help in planning our trip then, the colors were spectacular and now am coming back. for more. Thanks for all your helpful insights and tips!

  7. Hello Jeff,
    We are visiting for 4 days on weekend of 9/30. Roughly I see two areas to cover, (1) White Mtns, Conway, Lake Sunapee, Killington, Norwich, Woodstock NH, Woodstock VT and (2) Burke, St.Johnsburry Brownington, Stowe.
    Where do you suggest us to stay ? Or do you recommend any 3rd or mixed options ?

    • I don’t have any specific recommendations on places to stay because I usually stay in a motel and I’m happy. I would make reservations based on being centrally located.

      As far as locations based on #1 (1) White Mtns, (maybe) Conway, yes, Killington, yes, Norwich, yes, Woodstock NH, I would skip Woodstock VT and Lake Sunapee as being too far south.
      As to (2) definitely, Burke, yes, St.Johnsbury maybe, Brownington, why not, Stowe. Does this help?

  8. Love the video and the music that goes with it .Sounds Oriental at some point Japanese maybe .They go together really well .Its all fantastic .Havent found a better site than yours (and I’ve been around a lot of sites) Glad the “kanc” is only just starting to turn.

  9. Hi Jeff
    We’re arriving Boston Oct 11th, and have 4 weeks to travel around.

    I want to travel up to the Canadian border and have a choice of going up the Connecticut River scenic byway, round to the coast near Princeton and back down the coast or going in the reverse direction, with either loop taking in the Washington cog railway and the view from the observatory platform.

    Which route do you think would give me the best fall colours, clockwise, or anti-clockwise? And are there any other good scenic byways near to my route?



    • There are literally tons of scenic routes to explore but I think you need to go back to the basics. First, for the most part, the colors move from North to South and they will develop in the higher elevations (cooler) and also in swampy lowland or wetland where the trees have their roots in water (it stresses the trees so they turn earlier)
      So going up to Canada… If you want to go ahead but you will be leaving the colors behind because that is where the colors came from and you just drove through it. But if we are lucky they will stick around a while this year so you will probably see some colors here or there up beyond the border.

      My suggested route is to do a slalom course swinging east to west and following the colors from up north to south. Make sense?

      Also check my foliage locations by state page and you can review the states you are interested in (click the link).

  10. New to this, great info. Going to Aderondacks last week of Sep, then White Mtns, Acadia until Columbus day, then down to Berkshires
    2nd week of Oct. Sound Good?

  11. Fabulous! Have been waiting for this. We are due in Boston 27th sept and heading to Lincoln 30th sept and Vermont on 2nd October? Do you think we will see some good foilage around then? Coming from UK on a trip of a lifetime so getting a bit anxious we are coming too early

  12. Thanks, Jeff. I recently loved to New Mexico, which is truly the land of enchantment
    But I will be looking at your site for a virtual fall colors experience.

  13. Hi Jeff, I’m looking at the traffic (or lack of it) that you encountered on the Kanc and thinking what a different scene it will be in a month’s time!
    I’m thinking of trying the Manchester/Bennington VT area (with possible excursion to Ludlow/Chester) and am wondering when you might think will be a good time to go. (And no, I won’t hold you responsible for any “errors” by the weather gods!).

  14. Thanks Jeff. Far from peak but glad you two enjoyed yourselves. Bet it was nice without the crowd! My husband and I decided to try the Berkshires this year. Planning on driving the 2nd weekend in October.

  15. Enjoyed reading your Sept 13th update…We plan to be in those areas the first week of October and based on what you have seen,I believe that we should be able see plenty of foliage color…
    Thanks for doing a great job!!!

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