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Haskell Free Library and Opera House — 8 Comments

  1. I’m sorry Jeff. We will be coming up from N. Georgia probably using 95. Our exact destination isn’t etched in stone and we just want to go where the colors will be the best. Our original plans had to be changed so now we are either on the last week of sept or the third week of October. As mentioned earlier, we just want to see colors.

    • Well at the end of Sept you will be heading up to northern NH or VT or Greenville Maine.. A long drive. But the third week of Oct will be in MA or CT or RI. More coastal.

  2. Hello Jeff. Our travel plans had to change and are wondering if there will be any good colors the last week of September? We were going the first week of October but plans changed and we fear waiting until the second or third week of October may be too late.

    • Well Robin, you’ll have to refresh my memory as I can’t find you original post so It depends on your locations but as of today I had a report of reds being spotted (mere dots) along the Kancamagus (so Don’t panic) but it is at least a week early so if your locations were in Northern NH/VT or ME then you are looking good.

  3. Thanks for the heads up re border crossings. Looking forward to our 6th trip to New England this fall. Have reservations at Abel Mt campground in VT for 4 days starting Oct 1, another 4 days near Plymouth, NH, and finally 4 days near Freeport, ME. What do you think of our timing for good color?

    • You know there is a Pumpkin Chunking event coming up in NH? Right? Let me see if I can find the dates… EXTREME CHUNKIN
      SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2017 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
      On October 14 and 15, teams from all across the country will go the distance in an all-out battle for greatness and the chance to be Number One. Teams will use machines such as trebuchets, catapults, and air cannons to launch pumpkins and other extreme items. To add to the fun, there will be lots of harvest festival activities which include pumpkin carving, face painting, and more.

      Are these the Pumpkins you were looking for? I assume you saw the pumpkin lighting events on my fall festivals, right? Or are you just looking to buy a pumpkin?

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