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  1. For my dates, does it make sense to split my stay in Killington area and St Johnsbury area, or colors will not be that good in Killington by 2 October ?

    • I think you are pushing it to see meaningful color in Killington by the 2nd. 10th maybe or 15th. I know I’m saying it’s early but A. it may not stay “Early and B. If it stays fast and if it does get nice in Killington (higher elevation and all. It’s simply not that far to drive. It’s only about 2 hours to get there + or minus depending on route.

  2. We are planning to visit from September 28 to October 3 and want to choose a central location, from where we can do day trips.
    As far as I read your posts, I should stay in Northeast Kingdom. Based on, how forecasts and ideas are going on, is it ok to make our base near St.Johnsbury ? What do you suggest ?

    • St Johnsbury is a quaint little town and is as good as any spot up there. Don’t forget to mark down the NEK fall festivals going on while you are there!

  3. Your posts and commens have been helpful and awesome. I am planning to visit Vermont with my family from Cct 5 to 8. Planning to visit places like NEK, Stowe, Woodstock, green mountains etc.Can I expect to see some peak/good colors or would it be past peak. Should I advance my trip

  4. The Boston TV weather guy last night said it now looks like the next two weeks are forecast to be warmer than it has been so far in September, which would slow foliage down, and push us back to a normal instead of early peak. Will it change some forecast ?

    • Hard to say, If he says the mid-80s up north NH/VT daytime and 70s at night then I think so. But this is the question… Did he say he was predicting the weather for northern NH and VT or just his normal Boston forecast? Sometimes they will make a fall colors forecast but it is usually just for Boston Metro.

      Our high today was around 75 up in Franconia Notch and they have been getting frost and the next ten days are a couple 70s for highs and the other 8 days in the 60s and upper 50s. The nights are in the 50s and 40s…

      Peacham Vermont (not as high elevation) has two days at 80, a bunch in the 70s and the tail-end of the 10 day forecast in the 60s for highs. Take a look at or any other weather forecast. based on these numbers I would say we are proceeding at the clip we have so far, at least in the higher elevations like the white mountains and Green Mountains.

  5. Hi Jeff, we are coming from France on Sept 26,we are going first in NEK, and then in Jackson NH area, do you think it will be too late for peak in NEK, and parts of Kancamagus? We can fly one week early, shall we change our dates? Thank you very much Jeff for your advice and your posts, we are reading them with so much pleasure 🙂

  6. I was about ready to cancel my trip, so I’m glad I read this today! I completely understand that I will be missing the peak color on our family’s first trip to New England (we will be there 24th-30th) but It just worked out that this is the only time I can come. I’m hoping it will still be memorable enough to give my wife and I the desire to come back sometime when we can get there in mid-Oct.

  7. I am planning to come up to Manchester NH Oct 10 and drive north through the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire on Oct 11, 12, 13. Does this mean that time period is likely to be past peak?

    • Hardly, it means that it is arriving sooner but it’s also slow to arrive. This means that it’s going to be here longer I hope, if we don’t have any severe weather. Remember, the Fall colors usually arrive over many weeks they turn the best that they are going to turn, and then they start to fade if

    • Woodstock Vermont or Woodstock New Hampshire either way I think you will see some very nice colors if as I’ve said to other folks today mother nature is nice to us. This means no severe weather no extreme rain no extreme winds and most definitely, knock on wood, no hurricanes.

  8. Speaking of the year 2011, Jeff, it was the one full year I had the pleasure of living in Vermont, my wife’s home state. We flew in from Texas first of June and I think we brought a sliver of what turned out to be the hottest summer ever (in my lifetime) in Central Texas! It was the first year ever around Burlington that many snow sled rides were cancelled cause of little to no snow and the warm winter. ‘Course it was still more cold then I’d seen my whole life, lol!

    But yes, I remember folks telling me it was a poor fall foliage season. For me it was fantastic. Never’d seen so much color in trees! But then, before leaving early November the following year (a week delayed cause of Hurricane Sandy flooding the NYC airports) I did get to see why the locals has told me as they had about the lack of color 2011. My goodness, the colors 2012 are still my dream fall weather and colors.

    We’ll be up in Vermont again, this time a little later than our usual summer getaway, arriving late this month into October.

    Whatever the colors’ll be, I’ll be checking your reports, Jeff – thanks so much!


    • Sorry, I use voice recognition when I don’t have my hands-free to type in all my comments or replies. Thank you for the correction I have no idea where to make the correction but I will accept it thank you

  9. My daughter and I [from Mississippi] will be traveling across the Kancamagus on October 11 and I am so hopeful that the colors will still be beautiful. I had not factored in a week-early peak 🙁 . However, I remain hopeful. Thank you, Jeff, for your postings. You are appreciated. Have a wonderful autumn.

  10. Hi Jeff, very helpful. Thanks!! I’ll be around Woodstock, VT around Oct 10 and around the White Mountains area around Oct 12. Should be good for fall colors?. Don’t mind about the peak, just to see some fall colors. Thanks!!

  11. Sure hoping the colors are still vibrant in the upper areas come Ict 7-14tth. This year we’re not getting as much time to roam about! We’ll be in Stowe a few days before taking the Essex ferry over to the Lake Plavid area uo give it a try. But, if we have to drive south a few days while in VT, that is never a bad thing! Just being in New England in the Fall no matter if the time small is to be in my happy place! Looking forward to the forecasts to come. Appreciate you!

  12. Due in Jackson NH on 10/2. Last year it was still pretty green the first week of Oct. Looks like we will be right on the mark this year. You just never really know when it comes to foliage so many factors.

  13. Totally by coincidence, we had to change our plans and are now arriving Boston Oct 6 with the plan to drive the Kancamagus Oct 7,
    culminating with dinner at the Stonehurst Manor, my favorite dining establishment in New England. Might we still see some wonderful foliage? Long trip from Los Angeles. Of course while in New England, we will find other favorites that do not exist here in California:
    Frozen Pudding Ice Cream at Hobbs in Salem Willows where they also have the absolutely best coconut brittle popcorn; right next door at Salem Lowe – best fried rice and onion steak or pepper steak or chop suey sandwiches – yes sandwiches; Spumoni with real claret sauce at Jiveli’s in East Boston; New Brown Jug Pizza in Everett; Art’s Deli in Chelsea knishes and pastrami; genuine subs at Santoro’s in Saugus; shall I do on. Can you tell that I hosted “Dining with David” on Access TV for 7 years?

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