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26 October Fall Foliage Report — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks Jeff for all your help in finding the best fall colors New England has to offer while we were there in early to mid October! It was a wonderful trip and you truly set us on the right path. We started in DC, traveled to Boston, Salem, Rockport (quaint seaside town), Portsmouth, NH, Kennebunkport, ME where the homes and rugged shoreline and lighthouses are nothing like we have in San Diego, on up to Portland Maine, and from there, we followed alot of your roads going along the Kanc Highway. It was beautiful, however, too many people! We actually enjoyed the Crawford Notch area along the 302 highway much more in that the scenery was more spectacular. And all the covered bridges we loved! From there we traveled along the 93 thru very quaint Littleton, NH into Vermont to check out the ski towns of Killington & Stowe (we’re big time skiers!). By that time, the foliage was a bit past peak but we still enjoyed those areas. It was a beautiful drive heading down 89 to Manchester where we flew out on the 17th.

    All our friends here in San Diego are jealous and we’ve encouraged them to follow you as well next year if they plan on taking a similar trip. Even though the year was stubborn in creating the best palette of colors, it was fine for us being from San Diego and our seeing very small evidence of change from one season to another. All your knowledge gave me such a wonderful sense why the leaves change and how they progress in any given place. Thanks again and I just may continue to follow your blog so I can live thru your eyes and pictures!

    I’d like to either buy a calendar or make a small contribution to say thanks!

    Trish Huffman

  2. spoke to someone in the state of Delaware by phone this morning… and she says there is beautiful fall colors there now- granted she isn’t a photographer but had just relocated from California … so there still may be some leaves out there to photograph !

  3. Dear Jeff, I have been receiving your updates since March 2017 when we decided to take our vacation to New England to see the fall colors. We took our trip in October and just got home last week. I want to thank you for all the information we gained by your website. The last advice we got from you was even if we didn’t go at “peak” colors time, enjoy the colors that were there when we went. We could tell we missed alot of color because of the number of dead (leafless) trees throughout the scenery but the colors we did see where truly amazing! We were blown away by the varying and different degrees of every color imaginable! We did 6 New England states and were delighted with what we saw and we had a great vacation! Thanks for your help!

    • Well Marsha, I hope you will stop in from time to time. As Lisa and write all through the year, or as much as we can, on a multitude of subjects. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. And just to advertise, did you know I have calendars for sale? let me know if interested… šŸ™‚

  4. Just wondering if any has any intel on how the foliage is looking around the Providence, RI area. I was wanting to go there to do some fall photography. But I’m thinking maybe another week or two.

    • After last night any foliage that you find is a gift! 75MPH winds took a lot of the leaves down There are still oaks, Gingkos, and other trees that don’t lose their leaves very easily but you will have to look for them, Good Luck!

  5. I have enjoyed your blogs. We live in North Dakota and hope to make it to New England to see all the places you so beautifully capture in your photography. Due to time constraints this year, we had to limit our fall color tour to Upper Michigan. We were not disappointed. The radiant maple trees and the golden tamaracks will appease us for 2017. In the meantime, I will dream about a New England trip in 2018.

  6. I think you may be trying to ride a dead horse. The ‘season’ is a wrap by most standards. I would like to thank you for your buildup to the foliage scene. I usually make the drive from here in North Carolina to Vermont each October to take in the views, but reading between your lines the past few months, I ascertained it would be folly and a waste of resources to make the trip this year. Thanks for that heads-up. Instead, I’m heading out this weekend on a short drive to the Shenandoah Valley/Skyline Drive where I hear the color, while not spectacular, is building to acceptable, and I can reach there in a few hours vs. a whole days drive to my usual base of operations in Brattleboro. I’m an amateur photographer and you can find a few examples of my past trips north at Those memories will have to sustain me until next autumn. Cheers.

  7. Jeff, we live in South Dakota and love to follow your reports on the New England fall foliage. We have traveled to the New England states six times since our retirement and read your blog carefully. We appreciate your positive comments about finding color and a great picture wherever it may be. Please keep blogging and we will keep logging in. Thanks and enjoy the holidays ahead.

  8. We live in Ohio, and last week made our first ever trip to New England. Had been watching foliage reports faithfully, so we knew it was not going to be a banner year for color. Here in Ohio, our front-yard maples are still green, while our neighbor’s sunset maple turned brown and has dropped most of its leaves. So disappointing for these leaf peepers! But we were not disappointed by what we saw in New Hampshire! Our drive around Lake Winnipesaukee proved to be filled with trees ranging from golds to oranges to bright reds. The view was especially beautiful from up near the Castle in the Clouds, where the hillsides looked like they were on fire as the sun was beginning to set. Just thought you might enjoy hearing from a newbie here. We can’t wait to go back in a year when the colors are more typical. Next stop, Smoky Mountains!

    • I wish I could but now I have to catch up on all my Honey-do projects that I haven’t done for the past 6 weeks. Thanks for inviting me though!

  9. Jeff:

    My daughter and I spent 4 days from Oct. 13 thru Oct. 17 touring the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. We went up the White Mts. Eastern Slope from North Conway on Route 16 and around Rt. 302 to I-93 then down south and around back to N. Conway. We toured the Kang highway stopping at the various water falls. Since this was my daughter’s first trip to New Hampshire she was not disappointed. The trees do not turn color in Southern California. We photographed waterfalls, covered bridges and lovely lakes. We could not stay on top of Mt. Washington due to hurricane force winds, 75 mph gusting to 82 mph. I was in New Hampshire 21 years ago and there seems to be more evergreen trees in the Mountains. I remembered more color in the mountains

    We left New Hampshire and drove north through Vermont. We got off I-91 and took Rt. 5A and stopped at Lake Willouby. What a spectacular view with the lake between the two mountains. We continued up I-91 to Quebec. We spent 2 days touring Montreal. Montreal is al lovely city.

    . \We then drove on the Northway I-87 to Albany, NY. We were disappointed that there were no scenic view spots to photograph the Adirondack Mts. The mountains were very beautiful and more colorful than the White Mountains. We left I-87 and went towards Elizabethtown. We were able to stop at the municipal golf course and take some lovely photographs.

    We continued down NY Rt. 9 stopping at Schroon Lake for some lovely photographs of the Mountains and the lake. We then stopped at Lake George for some more lovely photographs.

    We had dinner in Albany with my high school friends. I took my daughter around Albany to my old haunts. There were some lovely red maples in Albany. Next year will be my 60th Albany High School reunion. I really miss the Northeast during October.

    Your leaf peepers reports were very helpful during our trip. I now live in Katy, Texas and the leaves may turn a little in December and January. I was very fortunate that my house did not flood although it came within 3 feet.

    Norman Berlat

    • Not spectacular but nice all the same. My expectations always are high and it’s tough for me. Which is why I try to not sugar coat what I’m seeing. Sometimes it gets better or sometimes it’s better where I’m not at (Hate that when I’m in the wrong place at the right time… glad you didn’t wash away and hope you get up here next year!

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