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5 Oct Quick fall foliage update — 13 Comments

  1. Hey, Jeff-Going to Maine Wednesday-Sunday (Oct 11-15). Any thoughts on how the remnants of TS Nate will impact my trip? I was in VT a few years ago following the I-hurricane, and it really hurt the foliage. // C Jenkins

  2. Thanks for recommending Owls Head Mountain Jeff, we caught it on a perfect day yesterday.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I followed ‘’ and planned my trip to Litchfield, CT of Oct-14/15. I will be travelling from MD to CT with my family including a 2 year old and a 5 year old so we didn’t want to drive all the way upto Maine or MA. Do think this weekend is still a good time to go for leaf peeping? I have been reading all sorts of reports including leaves falling without changing colors to delayed fall foliage. We can move the trip to the weekend of Oct-28/29 if that is a better option. Your inputs will be very valuable and greatly appreciated!! Is the trip going to be worth it in your opinion?

    • I had to see what their map was saying. I may show links to it, it doesn’t mean I expect you to follow it… 🙂 All of these “tools” are not working from current data. They are based on many past years of data to create what has happened in the past and to give you a very general idea.
      Even now I have not had any intell for the most part. So I can’t tell you with any certainty that the color are or are not any good at the moment. I suspect that by the 14th there will be some color down there but it will be later by a week.
      The temps as I’m looking at them are on the warm side till the 15th and then they start to get cool enough to generate fall colors. I would say after the 16th if I’m any judge. That is my guess

  4. Hi Jeff. We came through Vermont yesterday on Route 100 between Ludlow and Londonderry and saw fairly good color. Today we crossed over to New Hampshire and saw some very vibrant oranges and reds on route 4 between Enfield and Caanan. Was surprised to see this much color this far south.

  5. Going to be there with my daughter next week. My first Leaf Peeping was four years ago and I couldn’t wait to take my daughter to see the beauty of Vermont. We are from no fall So Cal and I’m praying we will see color next week. I really thought when we planned this six months ago and watching the forecast since early September that we were going to be too late. Maybe not?

  6. You have to love the power of precipitation! I mentioned before that we hadn’t any appreciable rain in the Sugar Hill / Franconia in the last 60-90 days. The trees, especially the maples, were struggling. Low and behold we got almost a half an inch of rain overnight and we’re lookin’ a whole lot better over here too!!!!

  7. Jeff,
    I have been following you for a couple of months so it went from early fall foliage to late to who knows. I am from San Francisco and I flew into Burlington and I have been cycling since Sunday. I am a just retired educator. The cycling has been phenomenal but the fall foliage not so much. I have been to St. Albans, Richford, Derby Center, and Island Pond. Cycling from IP to E. Burke was the best I’ve seen. I went on to Danville where I am now. Hope this helps

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