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October comment to win and Foliage Report — 47 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    We traveled up route 8 from
    Connecticut today. No joy at all. Stopped at the Mt Graylock visitors center. They had no color at all and the leaves are.mostly gone. We had no better luck on route 9 from.Bennington Vt to Wilmington Vt. It was a beautiful sunny day though, just no colored leaves. I guess the dryness made the leaves turn and drop quickly.
    Maybe we should have gone more easterly from Ct north and east toward eastern New Hampshire??
    Route 112 was a pretty road, no color but we’ve marked it for next year….

    • Well, Greylock was supposed to be at peak as of Sunday. but we did have some rain and unfortunately, I was wrong on my theory of plentiful rain would make for happy trees. Well, it didn’t work that way and the leaves have not needed much of an excuse to come down…
      There is always next year…

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Hope you are doing well! Once again I would like to thank you for your quick updates, it really helped me a lot! I am back from my trip to new england and what a wonderful trip! I absolutely loved what I saw:)
    Quick update on fall colors: White mountains is at peak. Atleast it seemed that way to me; gorgeous colors on the hills and all the way. Franconia notch and owls head was spectacular, as you had mentioned. Kanc, mt washington auto road,hwy 16 to gorham,crawford notch, franconia notch is looking vibrant and spectacular! Recent rains didnt have much impact on the white mountains although it has taken down many leaves in northern vermont and NH; it was looking like past peak there.I felt vermont side more muted maybe its due to the heat wave; stowe had good color especially smugglers notch but the effect of nate was visible.very little color in Conway and Montpellier; some good color along 93 from boston to lincoln.Looks like this fall season will last long:)

  3. Its at peak! Atleast it seemed that way to me(I was there on 9-11th). Kanc, hwy 16 to gorham, Mt washington auto rd, franconia notch, crawford notch is looking spectacular. lots of orange and red on the hills 🙂

  4. I REALLY like the reds in this photo. Your pictures capture the best color. On 10/11, we drove through Evans Notch. Very nice color there too. Thanks for posting your wonderful photos.

  5. Headed for the White Mountains of AZ this weekend. Sure wish it was the White Mountains of NH instead, where we were last year! Thanks for reminding me of our magical trip. Cant wait to return someday.

  6. I used to live in Walden! It is beautiful there. Love your travels, reports and photos. Let’s hope this foliage season lasts a long time.

  7. Got a great photo of Crawford Grist Mill in Vermont after a great breakfast at Polly’s Pancake Parlor. Only downside was a giant traffic jam on Hwy 16 near North Conway on Sunday of Columbus Day weekend. In general saw good color in northern NH. Thanks for all your tips, Jeff.

  8. Hi again Jeff,
    My wife and I couldn’t make it back this fall and we are disappointed not to make it. Hopefully next year will be different.
    Eric & Holly R.

  9. I’m enjoying the updates you are giving us and your beautiful photos!

  10. Sad im no longer there but enjoying your reports and others images.Took your advice on places to visit whilst I was there and am glad I did as saw some amazing sights ie Owls Head ,Beaver Pond. Got fantastic memories so thanks for that .

  11. We are in Wisconsin currently and the color is late this fall as in many areas. Still there is more color here than in Kentucky. Nice pictures! Hope you are having a great fall up there.

  12. thanks for the all information i have been following your site for an year and it helped me planned ongoing week travel in new england. yesterday we went to pinkham notch center n echo lake beach, colors are at peak. looking forward to more colors as we move to vermont for rest of the week.

  13. Thanks for giving us such great information Jeff! On Sunday, Oct 8, Vermont 102 from Lancaster to the Junction of 102/105 was looking great! I’m headed out tomorrow for 7-10 days and when able, will let you know what I’m seeing. I hope you’re able to get out soon to line up some good compositions, eat apple cider donuts, and meet some great people. Cheers!

  14. Thank you Jeff for how vividly you share and make scenes come alive. I have been in Vermont these past two weeks and what a joy to watch the colors burst more each day. Woodstock area is beautiful. Your sharings have made my leaf peeping more meaningful and delightful. I’m so thankful that I found you and your most colorful website. Thank you for taking time to share life with others. Michele

  15. I hardly ever comment on things not related to my family but yesterday as we were driving 113A in NH, I again was struck with how much time and effort you put in this Leaf peeping blog. My wife and I have followed your blogs for several years and relie on your reports, network of photographers and leaf peepers to make a framework for our trip northeast. This year is no different in the days leading up to our flight up and even after we have checked into our motels at night we check to see your recommendations and how the collate developing. The foggy picture above reminds me of some of the color and conditions we saw yesterday near Squam Lake, Central Sandwich and in Holderness due to rainy conditions,it is turning into a great trip. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all you do, the hours and milestones drive, the views you share with all of us who read your blogs. For now I’ll fade back into the leaves and enjoy our trip but will continue to read and enjoy your writings and photos even after we’re back home in the south. The photo is fantastic by the way and again thank you for your blog and sharing with all of us.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! I literally daydream of going to New England in the fall one of these days!! I love leaf peeping and getting reports of the leaves. We’ve had such a warm summer that bled into fall already, the cooler air hasn’t really made it to PA yet but I’m looking forward to seeing gorgeous fall leaves. It’s literally one of my very favorite things!! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. We’ve been in Stowe since Sat. Lots of people, muted colors but a good eye still finds plenty of peak in many areas. Smuggler”s Notch didn’t disappoint with many yellows.However strong winds and loads of rain will have taken down a majority of the peak colors in this area yesterday. Headed to the Lake Placid to check out the N.Y. side. (A first for us in crossing Lake Champlain). Vermont has been a pleasure but will miss turning south this year or heading East into N.H. Something to look forward to next year! Until then, we live vicariously through your journeys, Jeff! Thanks again!

  18. I think it’s awesome what you do to help people plan their vacation. Been there twice and loved both times.

  19. It always warms my hart to read your foliage reports, this year I’ve should have been there but problems at my job forced me to postpone the trip to the next autumn, so bad! thank you Jeff for your good job at keeping us in touch with fantastic NE!

  20. I was so excited about being able to see the beautiful fall colors New England has to offer, for the first time. We had our plans secured and we were counting down the days! Unfortunate events have taken place in our household however. My 78 year old husband was told last week, his heart is failing and NO traveling. I love reading your adventures and I admire the way you capture such beautiful colors in your photos. Hopefully next year, my husband and I will be able to make new memories in New England. Thank you, for giving us a glimpse of New England with your photos. My husband is from Massachusetts/Maine. I am from Kansas. He has been wanting to show me in person the gorgeous mountains and quaint shops. Because of your photos, and where you go, it brings back beautiful memories for my husband and off he goes with another story for me. God bless you, and your family.

  21. aloha,
    i live in hawaii. 29 years ago my husband and i bought a timeshare in Stowe Vermont. we were living in boston for a year and knew that we were headed for hawaii to live. while living shortly on the east coast we fell in love with the Foliage. EVERY year since we have taken the long trek from hawaii to vermont to see the foliage. People always ask us as we talk about our upcoming trip: do you have family there? “no, we go there to see the leaves!” some people think we are crazy. But we live in a state that has just one beautiful season. To see the foliage every year has now become my daughter’s obsession also. as i write this, the suitcase is open and the excitement is in the air!! This is the favorite family tradition we have!!!
    thanks for providing the updates that get us ready for our favorite week of the year.


  22. Two years ago today (10-10-15) my hubby and I traveled to VT for the first time. It was the perfect weekend for peak colors and my husband actually proposed to me under the Quechee Covered Bridge. Sad we can’t make it this year but hopefully you have more luck with your leaves changing then we are in the Midwest!

  23. Northern Vermont was gorgeous – lots of color. We are now in St Johnsbury- less color as we came down from Newport Center. There is still lots of color on the 105 and 102. Once we got to the 2 we saw less color as many trees have lost their leaves. Also very hard to see color today due to rain, mist and fog but still very colorful but we have taken well over 500 photos. Supposed to be better weather for the next few days so will see what each day brings. Lots to do- barns, farmer stands, cows, dear and lovely towns of Vermonters!

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed my fall foliage trip to Stowe VT last week!!! Thanks for all of the tips and pointers you gave in your blog!The leaf colors werent peak early week but there was enough color to enjoy and each day there seemed to have turned more. I hadn’t expected the beautiful mountain scenery so that was an added bonus! I did make it to Smugglers Notch and took a Gondola sky ride to the top of a mountain. There were plenty of other things to do there as well such as Ben & Jerry factory tour, tastings at Boyden Vallery winery, carriage rides and cider donuts at Gold Hollow Cider Mill. We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn and everyone there was so nice , friendly and welcoming! I enjoyed it so much I decided to make it a bi-annual trip and each time pick a few different routes to leaf peep the foliage views.

  25. Looking forward to being in your neck of the woods this week, Jeff! Thanks so much for the updates and recommendations. You’re the best! // Chris J.

  26. You are my favorite “go to” site for fall foliage. Thank you for your (and Lisa’s) enthusiasm. I was unable to plan a trip to New England this year but you made my armchair traveling much more enjoyable. Thank you.

  27. Love your posts! We fly into Boston and will be staying in Burlington, VT & Kennebunkport Maine 10/26-1031.
    Really, really hoping we don’t miss all the colors! We realize it is up to Mother Nature and kind of late in the season but, had a great deal on flights up there from Florida. I am originally from NJ and miss the Fall so much!

  28. I think fall should be year round so we can see all the gorgeous colors year round!

  29. Thank you so much for your reports, photos, etc. I am touring New England on an escorted bus tour for a week beginning Oct. 15. We begin in Boston and visit Hyannis, Mystic, Stratton Mountain, North Conway, and Kennebunkport. I hope to see some beautiful foliage but if not, I will be happy to see a part of the USA that I have never seen. Barbara Blaine

  30. I’ve been following your page, reading your updates ahead of our trip to the White Mountains. Thanks for the great info! I would love to win the canvas image and give it to my mom to remind her of our trip this fall to New England. She and my dad had planned a trip to see fall foliage for their anniversary but he passed away before they could go. So now she traveled with our family instead on what would have been their 51st anniversary. Looking forward to seeing these beautiful places in person!

  31. Love your pictures and reports! You have always been super helpful and responsive! I have been following you for the last 3 years. 🙂 Thanks for all that you do for us leaf peepers! I am looking forward to my trip to the White Mountains this weekend!

  32. How is it looking for coastal Maine Portland to bar harbor the week of oct 16th?

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