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January Fall Foliage Comment to Win! — 23 Comments

  1. My favorite covered bridge is the A.M. Foster. Its beautiful setting and the views from its windows make for many photo opportunities. Also, its close to my favorite place to visit, Cabot Cheese.

    • Don’t get me started about Cabot cheese. I make a special effort to stop there and visit the store. The cheese bar is a pound lighter after I visit and then I have to decide which cheeses I want to buy and I go around again to taste them some more… Oh! we were talking about covered bridges….

  2. During our fall 2012 leaf peeping trip to New Hampshire and Vermont, we sought out several covered bridges. It was cool driving through the covered bridge outside of North Conway, walking across the one in Woodstock, and seeing the one in Henniker. I love all your photos!

  3. I have seen the Woodstock covered bridge, so I guess that is my favorite. Woodstock, Vt is a neat little town.

  4. I just recently moved to New England and I have not seen any of the covered bridges. It is on my bucket list! I looked through all of your covered bridges in your art gallery and they are all beautiful. I would have to say that the Northfield Vermont Covered Bridge looks gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I also like the covered bridge at Bartlett NH albeit a gift shop now. Also the covered bridge walkway at West Danville Vermont is cool but I guess that doesn’t count .

  6. Hi Jeff, I’m not sure I’ve seen enough bridges to designate a favorite… but I really like the photo above of the red bridge reflecting in the blue water with all of the colorful trees.

  7. I love New England Covered Bridges. Poor Little Rhode Island has one authentic covered bridge. Swamp Meadow Bridge crossing Hemlock Brook in Foster, RI. In 1993, vandals burned the bridge. The little bridge was rebuilt in 1994. This is my favorite covered bridge because it was loved so much that the townspeople of Foster loved it enough to rebuild it. Trust in it’s trusses!

  8. I guess that I would have to say the Arlington Green Covered Bridge.
    The connection to Norman Rockwell’s birthplace – who is one of my favorite artists, is certainly a factor.
    Plus, being a trout fisherman, I can’t think of a nicer body of water to “bridge”, than the Battenkill.

  9. I love covered bridges with the rest of you, and still find the Jackson, NH bridge my favorite. Just being reminded of them in this
    unusually cold and blizzardy season, makes me wistful for this past fall, and looking forward to what 2018 will bring next fall. Love
    the connection here that takes us right to it!

  10. This covered bridge, as so many others in Vermont, is a testimony of the determination, creativity and hard work by past generations to provide a pathway where nature created an obstacle.
    The construction was robust, yet simple, and sheltered from the elements to allow their natural materials to withstand the test of time for future generations. Let’s not let these monuments of “Yankee Ingenuity” disappear from our landscape.

  11. It’s SO hard to choose but my favorite is….Sunday River! It was our first covered bridge & I love that it invites one to get up front & personal. Also, to just spend time there…priceless!

  12. Incredible work as always! Love them all, of course. But, the Reflection At Slaughterhouse Covered Bridge is gorgeous with the depth, water, sky, snow and colors involved. Really captures this scene so well!

  13. My favorite covered bridge is the Sunday River Covered Bridge. I think the setting is beautiful especially in the fall. We like to walk out on the rocks and take pictures. I enjoy your Facebook and website very much. The information you provide is so helpful and your photographs are so beautiful. Thank you.

  14. My favorite Vermont covered bridge is the little red one off Route 313 in West Arlington. As kids in the late 1950s, we would visit from New York State for a week or two with my aunt and uncle and cousins (my uncle was the town doctor). I have wonderful memories of swinging from the rope that was tied to the bridge and dropping into the frigid Battenkill. I didn’t swim very well and was scared to death to let go – but what a thrill.

  15. Hi The covered bridge at Jackson NH is my favorite. Nice location ,good looking bridge and as it was the first one I ever visited in the States , it holds a special place in my heart .That said, your covered bridge gallery shows that there are many more beautiful ones to visit .

  16. Jeff you are my harbinger of fall!! All year I follow your posts in anxious anticipation of visiting New England every October!! I love reading where you last traveled to, and file it away on my iPad for possible visits of my own!!

  17. I enjoyed the covered bridge at Gentle Giants in Stowe. The scenery and carriage ride was scerene! This past fall was my first trip there and I can hardly wait to return again!!

  18. I am new to photography, and living in Vermont, I decided that on my bucket list would be to find and photograph all the covered bridges in the state. I now think I have about twenty five. Out of them all, I absolutely love visiting the Grist Mill covered bridge. It sits beside this little lazy river where you can sit and just take in the beauty of it all! I love to sit on the grass and watch the water run down the rocks and then take a stroll up to the bridge just to get another view of the beauty that surrounds that area. I try and go there at least three times a year- summer, winter and of course in the fall! My pics aren’t the best and I am not really good at editing, but the pics I have taken are some of my favorites! If you haven’t visited, you really should!

  19. The above covered bridge and its reflection in pond, is what true American values are and should be it brings back simplier times to me and insures the beauty of ones of Gods creation ! Long may the beauty live ! Thank you for allowing us to view your art !

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