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New England Fall Foliage Forecast 2018 — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for your blog. I live far away in SE Asia & plan to visit family in California in Sept/Oct 2018, so I’m planning to hop over to Vermont/New England & New York late Sept & 1st week of Oct. to do some leaf peeping. So I’m grateful to have your input now that I’m making my travel plans. So you know I’ll be keenly following your comments/predictions!

  2. Jeff.
    Your pictures look very natural and representative of natural color without enhancement.
    Can I ask what make and model of camera you use? Unless it is a cell phone.

    • Well, John, some of the current crop of cell phones do a very nice job if you don’t zoom in (digital zoom are the death of a good picture).
      I have had Canon cameras most of my life. I did try a nikon but switched back to Canon. I have shot with everything from a 10D (6.3MP) to my current 80D (21MP 6000×4000 pixels). but I will also say that I use HDR in much of my work. Most people will be aghast at this but as you noted I try to keep most of my images as close as I can to what I saw but artistic too. The exception to this is during the foliage season. When I’m reporting what I’m seeing out there, I use a single image that is processed in Adobe lightroom. I will say this, Lightroom (LR) is my digital darkroom. I have all the control over the image that I need in LR.

      I can spend quite a bit of time “tweaking” an image till I feel it’s right but the best tools in the world can’t fix a bad picture. If you don’t get the capture right then no matter how good the camera or the processing tools you have, it’s still a crap image. Your first and best tool is you! You have to see the image that makes your heart sing. The composition is one third the battle and understanding light and how it affects your image is another third. The final third is your processing.

      But the process is up to you and how your inner artist sees the image…

  3. Thanks Jeff for adding to my understanding. As a fall foliage addict from an early age I can honestly say that there’s no better site than yours.

  4. Just reading about Fall, 2018 – and seeing the beautiful pics, makes me longing to be in N.H.’s White Mountains again mid-October
    as we were, Fall of 2016. Was breathtaking! Priscilla

  5. Wondering what one factor influences most the fall foliage display ? Summer drought ?,Autumn winds and rain or maybe adverse Spring weather affecting the trees phenology.

    • All if these have a strong contribution to the type of fall we have. Another one that is key to the turning of the leaves is the simple shortening of the days. With that one alone the leaves get their signal to start the process. So the leaves will fall no matter what. But the rest of the factors contribute to the quality of the fall colors. Each one as well as one I didn’t mention which is insects, are important.

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