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  1. My husband and I live in South Carolina. Starting in 1998, we have driven to New England in the fall about ten times.
    What do we love so much about New England in the fall?
    Lovely villages with the big, old maple trees
    Rustic farms on hills and in valleys
    Beautiful cemeteries with lovely fall foliage
    Gorgeous country roads
    Lovely covered bridges
    Beautiful lighthouses in Maine
    Hiking through the beautiful foliage to see stunning waterfalls.
    It is so wonderful to get away from the hustle and bustle of large towns and enjoy all the beauty of a New England fall.

  2. My wife and I both have enjoyed many years of viewing fall foliage in Vermont,New Hampshire ,Maine and New York..I must admit that foliage viewing and the weeks leading up to the first week in October gives me a feeling of excitement and really true love of nature.God is Good!!! It is not just the leaves,it is the many great people
    we meet plus the visits to Cold Hollow Cider,Cabot Cheese ,Old Vermont Country Store,Ben and Jerry’s,maple syrup vendors and many more attractions..In New York, we really enjoy the drive through the Adirondack mountains and a stop at the Adirondack Museum….Actually,I start thinking about next year’s visit as soon as I get home…Your column has added greatly to our trips and helped us plan accordingly..We THANK YOU !!!

  3. I appreciate your bringing out the best of New England fall colors to those of us who can’t experience them. You make the effort to showcase what New England has to offer in the fall, and I guess you get some satisfaction from that experience as well.

  4. My husband and I both are Autumn/Fall people.We love the cool air, rainy cloudy dreary days and of course the beautiful colors of the leaves. We love to put on rainboots and take a stroll out on a misty cool fall day! This past October was my first visit to Stowe Vermont and I loved it !!!!!!!…and the locals were sooo welcoming and nice and friendly!…will make it an annual trip with my husband from now on! When you are in that setting with cool air and beautiful foliage its like you get caught up in the moment and nothing else matters…you just enjoy the good Lord’s work!

  5. Fall colors are beautiful, They provide a great opportunity to make beautiful photos to print, post online, etc. Try to get to the White Mountains at least once per fall. I’ve also met some nice people at various viewing areas.

  6. Foliage season in New England is like a taste of Heaven. There is beauty to be found no matter what the weather gives or which road is traveled. We have such wonderful memories of our annual trips. We return home renewed for another year.

  7. In Alabama we don’t have very vibrant Fall colors. After traveling for 12 years with my old job I was able to visit the New England states many times during Fall. I was speechless after seeing the beauty of Fall in Vermont the first time. Since then I have made many personal trips to view the foliage in many states such as VT, NH, ME, NY, and ME. The beauty of the New England Autumn colors is undeniable the best in the country. My husband isn’t into nature or the outdoors but I took him to NH this year and he loved it! We hiked in many state parks and took tons of photos of mountains, waterfalls, covered bridges, old churches, historic buildings, and Fall foliage. Out of our 10 year marriage these are my favorite memories. I wish I could freeze these moments in time. I will forever cherish our trip to NH! Before I go, I must tell you that I love the photo of the December leaf! Thanks for the great information throughout the year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. I’m not sure if this qualifies but many years ago I took my son on a road trip through South Carolina . As we approached a fork in the road was the most beautiful tree with vibrant fall colors. I told my son to look at this gorgeous tree. Look how alive it is—doesn’t it just fill you with happiness to see such natural beauty. To this day the natural beauty of a tree with beautiful fall leaves makes me come alive.

  9. Beautiful , warm fall colors bring back wonderful memories when we would visit my Dad’s family in Tell City Indiana. Such beautiful memories of us driving country roads with covered bridges .

  10. Maples are red, violets are blue, I love the “Kanc” And Stowe Vermont too Love everything about Fall since I first set eyes on it .The sadness and the euphoric feeling of seeing the leaves turn from the first signs to the last blaze of colour. . Cider Donuts are pretty good too. In love with Sugar Hill Stark Lincoln Nh White mountains Holderness etc Could go on …. but will leave it to others .

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