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Yes, this page is about Foliage… Jeff Foliage… so you can read about my journey through the foliage or go back to checking out the locations to find fall color.

New England fall photography

Foggy morning on beaver pond

I started exploring during my leave each year from 1999, till 2003. (leave = vacations for civilians) Each year has been a learning experience for me and when I retired in 2003, I discovered Yankee Magazines fall foliage website. I started asking questions in the forum and learning from others.

Within a few years, people were asking me, where to go. Ā My proudest moment was when Yankee Magazine asked me to be their first blogger and tell everyone where I was finding peak fall foliageĀ in my travels or more importantly NOT finding it. I was good enough to get a paycheck from it!

Now it has been about 22 years since I first started searching for New England fall foliage and I’ve driven over 30,000 miles, chasing peak color and it doesn’t fail, someone will mentionĀ Peak fall color, and I still start salivating… šŸ™‚ If you think I’m obsessed with New England fall foliage, you aren’t alone. Yankee Magazine wrote the Leaf Seeker article in 2009 about my obsession.

My Early fall vacations

2 red leaves in late September in Southern NH

limited fall colors in Sept

Towards my final years in the service, I would take my vacation time (leave) between Sept and October. Since all my family lived in New England (Ok, the really cool ones did), I would come home to visit and try to see fall color. Ā I would only be home for a week or so and usually ended up being disappointed at not finding peak fall color in my New England travels.

I relied on my sister and Brother in law for point outs and this worked our pretty good but mostly I just hit the road (without maps or even current reports) I did say, I was green, right?

I would drive by conservation areas like the one above in Hampstead NH or I would find ponds like this one below in Kingston NH. All without map books or clear guidance of where to go..

Kingston NH fall color with geese swimming in a row.

Geese in a row Kingston NH

I retired in 2003 and as the summer progressed I started to think about the pending fall season. I started planning to visit NH and Vermont to see the fall colors and when Sept arrived I would take off for places like Conway NH or White river Junction and wondered where the fall colors were… šŸ™‚ Ā Boy was I green, just like this early fall color!

If I have gotten aĀ Gazetteer from Delorme I would have known that within a few miles of Kingston there were fourĀ sizableĀ ponds, not too mention three smaller ones and a state park and a managed natural area. [see map from Google]

Map of Kingston NH

Map of Kingston NH

I traveled around the country side and I eventually found websites that I learned that I was heading out too early or not heading far enough north for these dates in Sept.

I learned how the color mostly flows north to south and higher elevation to lower [exception is swampy areas] where red maples or striped/swamp maples turn in late August to early Sept.

When I was young, I loved to get on the road at 3:30 in the morning and head north to the Franconia Notch in early Oct or take a ride into Peacham Vermont and explore the NEK… [North East Kingdom]


Blogging to inform

In 2010 I left Yankee and started my own blog [Jeff-Foliage.com] and since then I’ve been telling people when and where to go. Some years have been easy and others have been really tough. Mother Nature never gives us an easy time of it. and I think that is half the fun.

Why Christmas and Autumn have much in common

Ove the year I’ve been interview by Jim Cantore of the weather channel and NPR in Boston and a hundred newspapers around the world, yes a few in Europe have asked that age-old question. Why?

After 20 or so years, I think I finally have an answer. Autumn is to me, an early Christmas and like Christmas, I was always trying to figure out what I was going to get.Ā Ā Each summer I would start looking at the weather, rain andĀ other climate events to try and predict what we might get in the way of fall colors.

Can I do it with any real accuracy? Nah, but it’s caused me to look at climate change with a new perspective. Looking at climate change is different from looking at the weather. Climate changes only a little at a time whereas the weather can change radically day to day or even hour to hour.

lots of fall reflections

Looking up the Chocorua river

So now I try to read the scientific reports and statistical info that NOAA puts out, I will admit much of it goes over my head. But I look at what they say and I try to watch how much rain New England gets versus if drought becomes a problem. To me, all these things tie into what our fall foliage season will turn into.

I look forward to hearing from you and I will admit now, I’m just one person and if it takes a week or more to get back to you, then I will apologize now, I get busy and I can forget to answer. Remember I don’t just do fall foliage. In the summer I’m a seasonal full-time National Park Ranger in Salem MA. and in the winter I’m working a winter job in a call center. But at no time am I not thinking about the next fall season.

Happy fall foliage trails my friends and keep looking for those fall colors!

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