Fall Festivals are the highlight of a New England autumn.

basket of ornamental gords fall festivals harvest bounty

fall festivals harvest bounty

Once September arrives, I love thinking about the many festivals and fall fairs that happen far and wide across New England.  You may think that I as a photographer, wouldn’t have time for fall festivals but these are some of the best parts of autumn in New England and my wife and I will stop in when time permits to try a different festival each year.

jousting on horseback at King Richards faire in Carver Massachusetts.



I love everything about fall festivals or harvest fairs from getting a caramel apple to a huge roasted turkey leg and the 4-H events to the rides. What’s a better way to spend a warm sunny afternoon and finishing with wonderful evening concerts.

No matter how you like to spend your vacation in New England (or a day trip with the family) how could you not enjoy an afternoon tasting the harvest flavors of New England. Apple and fruit pies of all description and so many desserts that you will be walking for hours to work off the delicious fall calories. But don’t worry! All these desserts only have fall foliage calories and they don’t count. 🙂

Here are a few of the big fall festivals that happen each year:

And this is to name just a few. but if you want a listing to see others here are a few that I’ve come across.

Whenever you visit New England there will usually be at least one event going on somewhere. I’m building up my list now in May so you can make your plans accordingly. If you have a favorite and don’t see it in my list then by all means please send me a link to it and I’ll try to get it listed.

I have several fall galleries on my image gallery and if you would like to see even more of my work please visit Vistaphotography my online art gallery.

Jeff Foliage