The Cilley Hill Pumpkin glow


Pumpkins lined up across the landscape for the Cilley Hill pumpkin festival

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The pumpkin glow, (a.k.a The Cilley Hill Pumpkin glow) will take place October 30th & the 31st on Cilley Hill Road.  On these two nights nearly 400-600 carved pumpkins are lit by Jericho residents Ann and Richard Stiles.

They grow around 400 to 600 pumpkins each year for the annual pumpkin glow, which takes place after sundown on Cabbage Night and Halloween. You can view more pictures of my different pumpkin festival pictures on my art gallery.

Night falls at Cilley Hill as the sky darkens and the pumpkins come to life!

Night falls at Cilley Hill

I received this email and wanted to make a clarification. This pumpkin festival is all private and done by local families living along Cilley Hill road. There are no vendors or games, food or porta potties.  Albert sent me a note asking what time the pumpkin festival in Jericho (VT) started..

I replied:

They light them (the pumpkins)at dusk (5ish) but they are all in place at the moment. (seeing that this is the 31st and it started last night) I go early and find a parking place nearby and then I observe as the sun sets and more and more people drive by. There is no parking on Cilley Hill road, so unless you know someone along the road you will have to park out along the main road and walk in. Most people just stay in their cars and drive by. Slowing or stopping for a quick glance. Many others will walk in with kids in tow and even strollers… to view the pumpkins.. a few images from last night were put up on the New England Photographers Guild facebook page this morning.

For those with a GPS here are the Lat/long coordinates 44.51295, -72.98621 to get you there

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Cilley Hill Pumpkin Glow – Oct 30 & 31st — 5 Comments

  1. Can you please give specific directions if I am coming from Essex and go past Joe’s Snack Bar. How much farther,and is Cilly Hill Rd. on the left or right?