Vermont Fall Foliage (and more) Gallery.

the fall colors of this maple tree road Experience autumn by traveling the backroads of Vermont searching for New England fall colors

Maple tree lined road with fall colors on 10 Oct View in my Art Gallery here

In Vermont, New England’s fall foliage almost always starts its fiery color burning a swath of fall colors from the North East Kingdom down Route 100 and into the higher elevations of the Green Mountains.

You’ll start up north but then the color will quickly advance down to the valleys and the feet of the Green Mountains and the many ski resorts. The fall colors travel from the north to the south but never in a straight line nor very predictably from year to year.  Visit Vermont and see where peak fall foliage will show up this year.

Visit my Vermont Scenic Images in my Fine Art Gallery

If you are interested in purchasing any of my Scenic Vermont photography, then look in the image caption for a link to my gallery on Fine Art America. Once you are there you can order on their secure website and if you aren’t 100% satisfied you have 30 days to send it back!

Vermont waterfalls: Moss Glen Falls

There are many waterfalls in Vermont but my favorite is Moss Glen Falls. This small and very easy to find waterfall is right on Route 100 (literally) and you just have to not be driving so fast that you zip on by. But as a leaf peeper, you probably aren’t going much above a crawl anyways. Here you can see 3 seasons of Moss Glen Falls and more waterfalls here.

Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont covered bridges are a passion of mine. I love their history and that the local communities work very hard to preserve them. If you have a favorite scenic covered bridge in Vermont please enjoy this small collection of Vermont Covered Bridges.

I still haven’t photographed all of Vermont’s covered bridges and for a small state, there seem to be many hiding places. Most Covered Bridges were built on what “were” main roads but today the main roads pass these back roads where the covered bridges still allow us to traverse the rivers and streams of Vermont. If you are looking for a specific covered bridge then please go and take a look at my Covered bridge page on Fine Art America, Or look in my Vermont Gallery as well.

Scenic Vermont images

Scenic Vermont photographic images have been captivating artists imagination’s for more than a hundred years. We love the rustic and quaint farms that haven’t changed much in 300 years with many barns that were built before the Revolutionary war and are still standing today. A testament to the craftsmanship of our colonial forefathers.

My scenic Vermont images run the gamut from fall foliage around rustic farm scenes to hot air balloons over covered bridges. I try to get out and catch yearly events like the Quechee balloon festival or the maple festival in St Albans Vermont. Check out my Scenic Vermont images.

In the autumn, I drive north into Vermont to search for Vermont fall foliage. I have been doing this for almost 20 years and much of what I have learned is through trial and error. (yes I make mistakes) I find that having a goal (set by my wife) helps us to explore new scenic areas of Vermont. I may say “let’s go find some new covered bridges” and we’ll pick some new ones. Then once we finish with them we look at the surrounding towns and historic markers.

Pomfret Vermont farm in autumn

Sun lighting up the hill above the farm

Maybe it’s just the rustic nature of the smaller towns of Vermont or just to find something we haven’t seen before, either way, it’s a search you can enjoy in the articles and images on my website here. Please enjoy my images of Scenic New England Photography.





Fall Gallery Vermont — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Love this site. Thanks for sharing the details. My friend and myself are from California and planning to visit Vermont and Quebec and we are torn between last week of September (24-29) Vs. 2nd week of October based on the forecast we read on the internet. What is the right time to visit for peak fall foliage based on your forecast. Would love to hear your recommendation. We want to get the best out of this trip.


    • Hi Nalini, Well I think the earlier dates sound best due to what might be an already earlier fall. Since you are going north in to Quebec I see two scenarios.
      First you will go from good color into great color or
      Second you will go from great color into good color… (I don’t see a big downside here)
      The reason the reports aren’t clear is because you are heading north into CA. That is where the colors start at. They then move south from there. By 2nd week in Oct the colors will be gone in CA and fading in much of northern VT…

      I hope this helps..

      • Thanks Jeff for your response. This helps. Cannot wait to see the New England fall foliage which has been on checklist for quite some time.

    • Nalinii, I’d pick Sept 24th to 29th–Killington, as well as the North east Kingdom in Vt will be near peak then

  2. PA born, never traveled north of NY City until my mother(now gone) and I left California to complete one of our dreams,visiting was so amazing we were very fortunate to see such beauty! We carried such memories and now I cherish and tear up every time I recall our road trip. Thank you for bringing me closer to God and my mother. I dream of visiting again, it’s the only time I get truly home sick. I pray you and all of New England recover from the disaster of the horrific rain and flooding you endured. Thank you again for sharing.

    • Hi Maria, I’m also PA born (Erie). Thank you for you kind words and I hope we can give you a virtual tour of New England so you can enjoy the memories. I often tell my readers that going up into the mountains to view the foliage is wonderful but it’s so much more special to share it with someone.
      The folks of New England, I’m sure will appreciate your sentiments for them and hopefully you can come yourself soon to tell them in person.
      Jeff Foliage