Scenic New Hampshire Fall Foliage Gallery

The fall colors lead the eye to the Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

The Scenic New Hampshire Fall Foliage Gallery shows that New England’s fall foliage turns across the state from around the 25th of September through Mid October.  Whether you are out up the White Mountains or down in the lake region around Winnipesaukee and points south you will find a feast for the eyes, heart, and soul.

The fall colors travel from the north to the south but never in a straight line nor the same way from year to year.  Play the guessing game and see where peak fall foliage will show up this year.

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Fall Gallery New Hampshire — 8 Comments

  1. I am LOVING your website, Jeff. My BFF and I are planning a trip to New England for the fall foliage. This has been a bucket list item for each of us for years. We have never been to the East Coast and are soooo excited! We are taking her brand new 22′ camper and cannot wait to explore the fall beauty of all 6 states. We are coming from Michigan and plan to start in Maine and work our way through MA, NH, VT, RI, and CT. Our main concern is finding campgrounds open during late Sept/early Oct. what does your gut tell you about us seeing great color? Any suggestions for campgrounds along the way and best areas? We would love to find a campground that offers scenery, and possibly even on the water. We will have 7-8 days to cover the states. Any special routes and ideas would be great. It would be awesome if you could recommend campsites still open during this time of year. We are just beginning the planning process and would welcome your input. Looking forward to hearing from. Thanks so much.

    Laurie Grenzicki

    • Your primary points of interest for best fall color with those dates will be northern VT, and NH. Maine will be a stretch because you will have to drive up to Jackman and Moosehead lake for really good color.
      I know Acadia gets beautiful color in the fall but not until late Oct or Nov. MA starts getting really good about mid-Oct along with CT and RI which extend into Nov with the seaside communities. The rule is the closer to a body of water (applies to lakes and big rivers) the later the color changes will be.

      I’ve stayed in RV campgrounds near Woodstock (on Route 4 outside of Quechee VT) and just south of Conway on Route 16. Both of these places were KOAs so you should be able to find them ok. Also I stayed there back in 2004 and in checking along route 16 I found the The Beach Camping Area and the Saco River Camping Area. The are almost in the downtown area so you are near everything.

      NOW! before I go too much further I will tell you like I tell all others who plan to be here for a week. Yes, you can visit all six states in 7 days, Heck you could do it in one day if you have a mind to. But you will be driving from sun-up to sun-down and not enjoying the trip. Driving time, Michigan to Vermont about two days then I would suggest you spend 2-3 days in Vermont and then 23 days in NH and then it will take two to three days to get home again. If the 7-8 days is total drive time then you will be visiting Vermont for 2 or may 3 days and heading home. Also there are a few nice highways to travel north to south in Vermont and New Hampshire. But if you want to head east to west in any of these states you will be on two lane primary roads. I Just thought of this, I-89 in Vermont does snake its way from the south-east to the north-west. I-91 and Route 7 in VT and I-93 in NH are North to South.
      I-95 goes from RI up through MA and NH and into ME but only along the coast. Basically the adage of “You can’t get thar from here” (have to imagine a Mainer saying this) is apt when trying to find a highway to go east to west (or visa/versa) in New England. Acutally Massachusetts has I-90 that infact goes from Boston out to and past Michigan which may be your route in.
      With my 26′ RV I got from wisconsin to as far as Illinois or western PA before I stopped and then I drove the next day up to Erie where I grew up and visited with friends and then another long day of driving (9hours) to get to Salem MA. I don’t know what you have pulling your RV, but please take many small trips to get an idea of how long it takes to get from point A to point B. The I want you to drive the same distance on the back roads and see how long that takes.

      Here in New England we have farm more back roads to travel on then we do highways. I’m not talking dirt roads but we do have a lot of them as well and some of the most interesting things on them. Read my hundreds of articles on them. I also don’t want you to get scared off, just be realistic in the goals. I would much rather have you have the most wonderful adventure ever and decide that this can never be a one visit bucket list. This part of America is a life-time journey. I’ve been exploring for 20 years and while I have covered a fair amount of it. I haven’t even found ALL the covered bridges yet??? It will take another 20 and I might get them all…

      Routes? get a Gazetteer here:

      Then start looking at all the routes you can take. Do NOT rely only on a GPS because unless you know where you want to go you can’t tell it where to go. And you may pass up a dozen covered bridge because the gps take you on the most expedient route but not a scenic route. Choose a route because it has an interesting name like Mad Tom’s Notch… I would take that any day instead of Route 7… While route 7 IS very scenic, infact it can be a valley of color. I far more enjoyed Mad Tom’s Notch for it’s unique views..

      In the end it doesn’t really what route you take because you will make some incredible memories..

      I hope this helps..

      Jeff Foliage

  2. Link below to a New England Fall Foliage Aerial Video I put together which might interest folks here.

    It highlights the beautiful New England fall foliage from in and around North Conway and Lincoln, New Hampshire. It features the Conway Scenic Railroad’s “7470” steam engine and dramatic aerial views of the White Mountains area at high peak color.

    • Well Greg thank you… Perseverance is the key. I’m blessed to be in New England so I don’t have to come in from some far off location and every Thursday and Friday I plan to be on the road in Oct.
      As far as “If only every Fall was like that”… Heaven forbid… How boring would that be… I know it would make things so easy and safe for everyone making their vacation plans…
      But! I think one thing that makes it such a draw that only once in a while do all the events come together to create these fall foliage scenes. If it happened every year and was totally predictable it would become boring. Its the chase that makes it interesting.
      Just my opinion but I like the challenge that Mother Nature throws at me each and every year. When I leave the door I never know whether I will have a successful day or just a day out…

      • well, I agree–Its always interesting to see what kind of Fall it will be, every year is different, and forecasting it is always tricky, depending on the rainfall,temps, and sunshine–and every area is different also–hope this year is a colorful one, some nice cold morning temps this year, and more to come–should help…I hope

        • I agree Greg, we never know what we will get… As Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of Chocolates” you never know what you are going to get” I tend to just assume the box is full of nuts so if we all go a little nuts during this season then all is good to my way of thinking! 🙂