Covered bridge at Sturbridge Village

Covered bridge at Sturbridge Village,

New England Covered Bridges or kissing bridges, by any other name symbolize small-town New England.

For many visitors to New England in the fall foliage season, they (the covered bridges) may seem a little archaic and strange to twenty-first-century eyes.

But for those of us who either grew up in more rural settings or maybe The Andy Griffith show was a favorite tv show from our childhood so we can connect to a time when life was simpler and closer to the land — if only in our imagination.

Covered bridges just compliment autumn leaves and go hand in hand with fall festivals where the bounty of the harvest is topmost in our minds. It’s at this time that we enjoy the New England fall colors along with Picturesque and sentimental, “kissing bridges”.

Our inner explorer leaps at a chance to walk along the age-old planking of a covered bridge. We look at the initials carved into the beams and wonder about the lovers who have left their mark behind. Were they still here? do they live just around the bend in the road, or maybe their grandkids…

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New England Covered Bridges — 4 Comments

    • There are so many that my head spins trying to think of some… Peacham Vermont in the NEK during their foliage festival in early Oct the blacksmith starts up the forge and will demonstrate making nails the old fashioned way. In Petersham Massachusetts you can visit the general store that while under new management has been in that spot for 200+ years. Take a look at Jackson New Hampshire. A bit upscale maybe but it is a very pretty little town with a covered bridge and wonderful pumpkin people in October…
      I could go one but it’s bed time…