These are a few of my Connecticut fall foliage locations:


Connecticut fall foliage locations — 3 Comments

  1. That sounds great. Can’t wait to google these places. This is our second consecutive trip to New England and last years trip you and your website were a tremendous help. Thanks for all that you do. We are from Louisiana. I so envy you living in New England. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Jeff. We are staying in Cheshire, MA October 11-16th. We are looking for a few day trips from there to Connecticut and Southern VT and Southern NH. Already planning on going to Woodstock, Vt one of the days. I have printed out your scenic routes from your page already. Anything else you suggest? Interested in farms, ( planning on Sleepy Hollow and Jeanne), churches, cemeteries, covered bridges. Thanks in advance.

    • Great Base of operations and I have tons of ideas but I’ll try to focus them.. (not easy with ADHD) You could make covered bridges your destinations. Like Bennington and the Creamery bridge and Arlington VT and the covered bridge on the green (with a church in the background). Further up Route 7 in VT is Manchester and next door is Hildene, the home of Todd Lincoln and the built a farm there to make the place self sustaining.
      You could go up Route 7 and take 125 east to the east side of the Green Mtns. BUT!!! This is a little out of your way so if time becomes and issue skip this and travel across Route 4 to 100 south and then follow 4 east to Woodstock (Woodstock covered bridge)
      Then south on 106 to the Jenne farm and Sleepy Hollow is in that area.

      Back in MA Leave Cheshire north and pick up Route 2 in Adams and just after you hit the hairpin turn you will hit Florida and the Mohawk trail state forest . this area has steep tree covered walls that should be colorful about then. Continue to Green field and south to Deerfield and the Yankee candle store and then historic Deerfield and all the old buildings make for good walking tours.

      South from Cheshire into CT you will find the Litchfield hills and a state park or two… You could go as far as the Quabbin reservoir and Petersham and New Salem both are two of the most picturesque little town that you will ever see.
      Also south of Cheshire is Peru (south of Route 9 and east of route 7) and it’s a bit rustic but there are a lot of farm lands to drive through..
      I hope this gives you some ideas…